July has certainly given Netflix subscribers a lot to be excited about! But with that excitement, as always, is a tinge of sadness. It's time to look through your queues and see if any of these big-ticket movies are about to leave before you've had a chance to see them. But don't worry too much just yet. These films will be out of the Netflix Instant stratosphere throughout July, so you still have some time to catch up.

Blazing Saddles

It figures that just as we gained Young Frankenstein in the Netflix Instant library, another Mel Brooks classic is making its way out. And whoa boy, is this one a classic. Blazing Saddles truly was a product of its time, as Brooks enlisted the help of both Richard Pryor and Cleavon Little to tell a comedic tale of race relations in a manner that was both painfully true, yet also devoid of a tone deaf note. Though, as Mel Brooks was wont to do, there's also a heap of good old fashioned sight gags, slapstick, and Hollywood ballyhoo. Yes, it's as good as you remember it to be.

Working Girl

In a world where we value shattering the glass ceiling in cinema, the story of Working Girl seems to be one that's rather undersold. Between a who's who of talent you'll remember by face alone, and Harrison Ford at his most charmingly comedic, the film deserves some recognition. But above that is the fact that the film centers around a rivalry between Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver that doesn't devolve into a standard cat fight or argument over a man. Rather, Griffith's Tess fights Weaver's Katharine on the common battlefield of business, and it's a final confrontation well worth the watch.

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