Watch Will Ferrell Explain What Really Went Down With Mariah Carey's Cameo In The House

Will Ferrell seems like the kind of guy who, once you've got him talking, the man's an open book. And open he did in a recent interview pertaining to his new film, The House. Specifically, Ferrell addressed the swirling stories of diva behavior from Mariah Carey leading to a planned cameo being scrapped from the final film. We'll dive into the details in a little, but first you really have to see Will explain the situation as professionally (and hysterically) as possible.

So as we heard in a previous interview, Mariah Carey had agreed to sing one of her songs in the illegal casino operated by Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler's characters in The House, only for her character to be shot and killed in the film. Well, Will Ferrell confirmed not only that stories of the inappropriate behavior are absolutely true, but that Carey had shown up four hours late for her one day of shooting. So on top of causing a shitstorm for the folks who cleared the music for the film, the cast and crew were put through hell because the day's shooting schedule was basically wasted for a scene that never happened.

Going back to Will Ferrell, he's really a professional act if he can admit the problems The House was already reported to have with Carey's cameo, and still maintain a level head. While he's been known to play maniacs in his comedy career, when the chips are down, the man really does keep his head on that metaphorical swivel he mentioned while playing Anchorman's Ron Burgundy. Though, one also might chalk that up to the liquid refreshment he was enjoying on the set of Watch What Happens Live.

That's not to say that anyone who's spoken out in more accusatory tones is any lesser than Will Ferrell, as fellow comedian and all around teddy bear Cedric Yarborough called Mariah Carey out on her behavior recently, and the way she disrespected the cast and crew of The House. While we here at CinemaBlend are not passing judgement on anyone involved in this fiasco, we do side with the argument that if you've already agreed to a cameo, right down to the song you're supposed to sing, it is wrong to show up late on the day of filming, only to try and work your way out of the agreement.

If only we all had the patience of Will Ferrell. The man is truly a standard to aspire to when it comes to personhood, as he not only makes many of the world's citizens laugh, but he's also a role model for the type of person we should all strive to be. Although, now that we think about it, we'd love to hear what Amy Poehler's side of the story is, as she most assuredly has some snark on standby for her not so flattering behavior.

Mike Reyes
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