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Tom Holland Still Doesn't Know Who He Is Fighting In One Infinity War Scene


Tom Holland is about to debut in his standalone Spider-Man movie, but he's already working on parts of his next appearance in the MCU, but he literally can't tell you anything about it. Tom Holland recently spoke about the difficulties involved in making movies in the age of CGI effects and the fact that often you're forced to act against nothing. However, in Avengers: Infinity War things are apparently even tougher because not only can Holland not see the thing he's in the scene with. Nobody will even tell him what it's supposed to be. According to Holland...

Yeah, there is one moment in Avengers where I don't know who that person is. And I'm fighting him, and there's nothing more embarrassing than pretending to fight a 'monster' in front of 200 people, in Spandex. You know, literally like dodging stuff and trying to web him. They're all like, 'That's Great Tom, more energy. More Energy. Jump Jump.'

According to what Tom Holland says to the BBC, Marvel is so afraid of spoilers leaking out that they're not even telling him who or what it is that he's fighting in a particular Avengers: Infinity War scene. He just sees a tennis ball on a stick as a marker of where the thing is and from there he just has to do his best, but he can't even visualize what the thing looks like because he doesn't know.

Recently, we've heard that Tom Holland is regarded as a fairly bad security leak when it comes to details of the MCU. The guy has a tendency to talk, so it's not clear whether this added level of security is something that everybody is dealing with or if they have to make things tougher for Holland because they're afraid he'll talk. What does seem to be clear is that there is something or somebody in Avengers: Infinity War that Marvel really wants to make sure we don't know about. Is there going to be an introduction of a new villain in the film or possibly a specific returning character they don't want to tell us about? It's certainly a possibility, but it could also simply be that they're not telling anybody anything in hopes that they can keep as many secrets as possible between now and next summer.

Still, we can imagine how difficult the whole thing gets for Tom Holland. It's tough enough as an actor when you have to have to pretend that you see the thing that's going to get drawn in later, but how much more bizarre does it get when you can't even get a good idea of how you're supposed to react to the invisible thing, since you don't know what it looks like? It would seem Tom Holland will finally know what he was fighting at the same time we do, when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters next May.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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