Where Baby Got All His Sunglasses In Baby Driver, According To Edgar Wright

Baby Driver Sunglasses

If you're one of the many people who has clamored to see a wholly original movie succeed at the box office, then Baby Driver must certainly feel like a breath of fresh air. Edgar Wright's car chase/heist thriller is endlessly cool, and undeniably stylish every step of the way. Speaking of style, one of the most interesting aspects of the entire film is Baby's extensive sunglasses collection, and now it seems that they all come from the titular driver's years of car theft. Wright explained:

If he has been stealing cars since he was 12, the main thing he would have inherited from these stolen cars are people's sunglasses and iPods.

Who doesn't love a good souvenir, right? Edgar Wright's explanation to THR is admittedly simpler than we would've expected (refreshingly so, in fact), but it makes perfect sense. If Baby has been stealing cars for years, then it would only seem logical for him to keep a few items for himself. Over the years that collection grew, and he eventually found himself with the vast stockpile of sunglasses and iPods seen during the events of Baby Driver.

As minor as it may seem, Baby's sunglasses collection could potentially have a long-term impact on the enduring iconography of Baby Driver. Sunglasses have generally become a universal signifier of "cool" characters from classic films, and various styles have become synonymous with some of the most iconic movies ever to grace the silver screen. Whether it's Maverick's classic aviators from Top Gun or Sylvester Stallone's Carrera's from Cobra, sunglasses have become famous pop culture touchstones, and Baby's shades have handily become a fundamental part of that longstanding tradition.

Top Gun Cobra

Another thing worth noting is the fact that Baby's sunglasses collection could easily grow within the next few years. Edgar Wright has never really delved into the world of sequels (he has spiritual sequels, like the Cornetto Trilogy, but never a true sequel), but that could change after Baby Driver. The director recently admitted that he's toying with the possibility of continuing Baby's story with a follow-up at some point, so it would stand to reason that the sunglasses would once again play a significant role in the visual aesthetic for the hero of this potential franchise. Only time will tell.

Baby Driver is currently in theaters, so make sure to check it out while you still can! Beyond that, check out CinemaBlend's comprehensive 2017 movie premiere guide for more in-depth information related to the rest of this year's major theatrical debuts!

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