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All The Graphic Details Of Charlize Theron Cracking Her Teeth On The Set Of Atomic Blonde

atomic blonde charlize theron teeth injury

If you've been keeping tabs on Atomic Blonde, you may have seen trailers featuring Charlize Theron brutally beating people with her stilettos and more. However, what you may not know is that while Theron was putting herself through training for those grueling fight scenes, she dealt with some major issues with her teeth. Like gross and graphic issues. She recently spoke out about what happened on Atomic Blonde, and provided you aren't weirded out by people talking about teeth issues, you can check out her comments, below.

It happened the first month of training. I had severe tooth pain, which I never had in my entire life. Having to cut one of the teeth out and root canals, it was tough. You want to be in your best fighting shape, and it's hard. I had the removal and I had to put a donor bone in there to heal until I came back, and then I had another surgery to put a metal screw in there.

Anyone who has dealt with major teeth stuff before, from implants to bridges and definitely root canals should know major dental stuff is not a walk in the park. Charlize Theron actually cracked two teeth while training for Atomic Blonde, and it was painful. At first, however, she thought what she had were just cavities, telling Variety that it was only after a visit to the dentist that she realized her teeth issues were far more serious and surgery would be required. Even as recently as three months ago, Charlize Theron was still dealing with the horrific incident.


With a little luck, Atomic Blonde will be a case of the ends justifying the means. The movie opens in theaters on July 28, and will hopefully bring in quite a bit of moolah for an independent movie with a reported $30 million budget. Word of mouth after the movie's SXSW premiere has been loud, and Universal reportedly even took over the marketing from Focus Features to bring more attention to the flick.

If you haven't caught all of the action Charlize Theron will get up to in the film, you can get the gist with this scene featuring Theron whaling on co-star James McAvoy, below.

Plus, be sure to take a look at what else is heading to theaters in the summer months with our full premiere schedule. Hopefully, most of these other movies didn't see the actors getting awful oral injuries.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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