See Stan Lee Surrounded By Avengers On The Set Of Infinity War

There ain't no party like an Infinity War party... at least when Stan Lee is involved. Robert Downey, Jr., who has played Tony Stark for the better part of a decade now, took to social media this week to lay out his thanks to Stan Lee for helping to create such a colorful comic universe, and he shared a photo from the set of Avengers: Infinity War of Lee hanging out with a whole bunch of Marvel cast members and just having the best time as part of his lovely post. You can check it out in full, below.

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The first thing that's striking about this photo, of course, is that it's not just RDJ and Stan Lee hanging out on set. Benedict Cumberbatch is chilling in costume, and new Spidey himself, Tom Holland, also seems to find whatever conversation is happening to be hilarious. The second thing that is striking is that the Russo Brothers, who are directing Avengers: Infinity War, are also hanging out with the cast in this photo. The third thing that's striking is that vein in Robert Downey Jr.'s neck when he laughs. I mean, wow.

Although this picture is pretty cool, it's not telling us much about Avengers: Infinity War we didn't already know. We know the Marvel team-up will be Spider-Man's next movie after Spider-Man: Homecoming's theatrical run. As an Avenger, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man was pretty much a shoe-in, and reports have also previously indicated that Benedict Cumberbatch will be back as Dr. Strange. A whole slew of previous Marvel characters will appear in this movie though, and we've seen the evidence through arial shots of the set. This image is missing a few other major characters, like Captain America and plenty more, but it's still a cool photo, nonetheless.

In fact, at one point Scarlett Johansson spilled the beans that Infinity War will feature at least one scene with 61 or 62 Marvel characters in it. That's an incredible number of people to appear for one scene. Another fight scene will also supposedly have 32 people in it. The general scope of the upcoming movie is vast, and it wouldn't even be possible if Stan Lee and others at Marvel in the early days hadn't come up with such iconic and inventive characters. As Robert Downey Jr. noted, the MCU we know today owes a lot to Stan Lee.

We know quite a bit about Avengers: Infinity War at this juncture, but if you've been wanting more of a full count of who we already know will be popping up in the movie, we have you covered. You can check out who all is starring with the Infinity War cast list, or take a look at what else Marvel has coming up before Infinity War launches in theaters, which will happen on May 4, 2018.

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