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The DCEU Has Scheduled Two More Movies, But What Could They Be?

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When the DC Extended Universe was officially announced back in late 2014, Warner Bros had its initial slate of films planned until 2020. But a lot has changed since then, and right now the only movies officially scheduled for the franchise are Justice League on November 17 and Aquaman on December 21, 2018. One thing the DCEU isn't lacking in, though, is movies that are in development, and now we can expect two of them to come out on Valentine's Day and early summer of 2020.

Warner Bros has officially dated two of its upcoming DC Comics movies for February 14, 2020 and June 5, 2020. This isn't the studio's first time scheduling DC movies for 2020. In the original DCEU slate plans, Cyborg was scheduled for April 3 of that year and Green Lantern Corps was scheduled for June 19 (later pushed to July 24). However, as mentioned before, a lot has changed since then, and Warner Bros has now dropped those earlier dates in favor of grabbing people on Valentine's Day and the beginning of June.

So what could these mystery DC movies be? Well, there is a possibility that they could still be Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps. Although there haven't been any updates on how the Cyborg movie is progressing, Ray Stone is making his superhero debut in Justice League later this year, so DC may want to spotlight him as soon as possible. As for Green Lantern Corps, David Goyer and Justin Rhodes have been working on the script, so that could conceivably be done in time for a 2020 release.

However, if Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps remain undated, and if we also look at Wonder Woman's performance this summer, presumably we can expect one of these 2020 movies to be Wonder Woman 2. Given how critically and commercially successful Diana of Themyscira's first theatrical movie has been, as well as the recent report about the sequel being set in the 1980s, no doubt Warner Bros and DC don't want to wait too long to make Wonder Woman 2, and three years is a typical gap period between movies.

As for the other 2020 date, well, there are plenty of options on the table. Even if we assume that Matt Reeves' Batman movie will be out by 2019 (and that hasn't been confirmed) and that Shazam will keep its April 2019 release date (The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez reports that it will begin production in early 2018), there are still plenty of candidates on the table, from Justice League Dark and Gotham City Sirens to Batgirl and Man of Steel 2. Personally, I suspect that The Flash and Suicide Squad 2 will drop on those dates. The Flash has been going through a lot of behind-the-scenes shakeups, but it's a movie that would benefit from being released sooner rather than later following Justice League. As Suicide Squad 2, despite its negative reviews, Suicide Squad raked in a lot of money for Warner Bros, and since Jaume Collet-Serra is reportedly the frontrunner to direct, releasing a sequel in 2020 would be a wise move.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on how the DCEU is progressing.

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