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How Amy Schumer Feels About Anne Hathaway Joining The Barbie Movie

One of the most iconic toys the world has ever seen is getting her own movie. Originally, Amy Schumer was attached to the live-action Barbie movie, but now that she's out, she's got an opinion on the apparent frontrunner to replace her. The word on the street is that Anne Hathaway is now in talks to take on the lead. While Hathaway would seem to be a significant departure from Schumer, the Trainwreck actress has whole heartedly endorsed her for the role.

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We're at the point now where pretty much every popular property and brand name is fair game for a movie adaptation so few were shocked when it was announced that a Barbie movie was in development. The announcement that Amy Schumer would play the lead, however, was met with interest. Unfortunately, for those who were looking forward to seeing Schumer's unique take on the material, it was not meant to be, as scheduling conflicts reportedly led to her being forced to drop out.

Amy Schumer is one of the few people who would have any idea if Anne Hathaway is perfect for the Barbie movie, since she knows more about the film than we do, so we'll have to take her word for it. The plot of the movie, at least when Schumer was involved, saw her playing a Barbie doll in a land of Barbies that wasn't like the rest of them. She had a different attitude than the rest of the people in her world and didn't fit in very well. Eventually, this Barbie would leave the Barbie world (cue Aqua) for our real world. This idea made Schumer seem like the perfect choice for the role since the entire idea was to be unlike Barbie. If Schumer thinks Hathaway can do the same role justice, we'll go with it.

While Anne Hathaway doesn't have a lot in common with Amy Schumer as an actress or comedian, the one thing the two do have in common is that they're not actresses we'd compare to Barbie, which would seem to keep the central idea of the plot intact. Hathaway can certainly do comedy, but her style would be a departure from what we would expect to see Schumer bring to the movie. This means we're either in for a very different sort of comedy from Anne Hathaway, or the comedy will be adjusted to better fit Hathaway.

As far as we know all this could be jumping the gun as Anne Hathaway has yet to be officially confirmed in the lead. Although, again, it's possible that Amy Schumer knows more than we do in this case. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news on the planned Barbie movie as it happens.

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