What's The Latest On Top Gun 2 And Val Kilmer? Here's What He Says

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After decades of anticipation, the call finally came in. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell will soon find himself called back into action, and Tom Cruise will soon strap into his trusty F-14 for the long-awaited Top Gun sequel in summer 2019. Top Gun: Maverick, as it's currently called, has raised far more questions than it has answered since it received its official announcement, but Iceman actor Val Kilmer recently took part in a Reddit AMA session and admitted that he has nothing but faith in the film's story, saying:

They are being understandably quiet about the script, but I am sure it's going to hit every note it's supposed to after all these years!

So it seems that Val Kilmer doesn't have too much insider information on the nitty gritty details of Top Gun 2's storyline, but that's also not surprising. With the film still relatively early in its development, we wouldn't expect Kilmer to have much insight into the particular direction of the story, regardless of whether he's involved or not. That said, he made sure to acknowledge the fact that fans should start getting excited about the film.

Definitive details about Top Gun: Maverick's plot haven't been revealed yet, but most fan theories and early rumors have generally assumed that it will deal with the concept of drone warfare, as well as the continued need for human pilots in the cockpits of our fastest and most powerful flying machines. In the same way that the original Top Gun focused on a group of aviators weaning themselves off of their reliance on laser-guided missiles in combat, Top Gun: Maverick can similarly focus on Tom Cruise's titular aviator as he continues to prove that the old ways are sometimes the best.

That old-fashioned sensibility will apparently also play a central role in the film's production, as it was also recently revealed that Top Gun: Maverick will rely on the same aerial photography that made Tony Scott's original film so enjoyable. This means less CGI when compared to your average modern blockbuster, and a considerably more authentic atmosphere for the movie as a whole.

It's not hard to understand why the film would opt to go this route. After all, the dogfights from the first film still hold up.

Despite the fact that Val Kilmer's comments in his recent Reddit AMA session don't confirm whether or not he's involved in Top Gun: Maverick, it would be hard to imagine a version of that universe without him. Iceman played a central role in Maverick's character arc throughout the first film's storyline, and he helped fill the void left by Goose by the time the credits rolled on the original. There's a wealth of story potential in the Top Gun universe if director Joseph Kosinski chooses to bring Iceman back, so leaving Kilmer's fan-favorite character on the table (particularly when he has expressed interest in returning) seems like a wasted opportunity.

The long-awaited sequel to Tony Scott's 1986 action classic is set to debut in theaters on July 12, 2019. Give us your thoughts on Top Gun 2 in the comments section below, and check out our movie premiere guide for more information related to this year's theatrical releases!

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