Top Gun 2 Is Officially Happening, Now Has A Release Date

Top Gun Maverick celebrating

Do you feel the need? The need, for speed? Well Top Gun 2 is gonna give it to you, as the project has just officially come online. Not only is Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski confirmed for the directing duties, as speculated, a release date has been locked and confirmed for take off. So if you or your friends are wondering when Maverick is going to return to the big screen, you can mark off July 12, 2019 for your big victory dance. Also, if you're looking to petition the government to make this date the official observance of Independence Day for 2019, you'll have enough time to really lobby hard for it.

Previously speculated to be named Top Gun: Maverick, the project has been in the works since being announced in 2010. Apparently, the big push to get the Tom Cruise sequel onto the tarmac has been the changing of the guard at Paramount Studios. In particular, the studio's new chairman Jim Gianopolous is looking to cash in on the nostalgia bug, while at the same time managing to bring Paramount back into the public forefront.

This is a moment that's been long in the offing, as Top Gun: Maverick has made a lot of digital ink, with writers previously being announced, and even a hint of some drone warfare being a part of the film's alleged plot. One thing is for certain though, the film is front and center about an older, but still evolving Maverick. Though, if Cruise's teasing is any indication, he may not have evolved to the point that he's above playing with the boys in another action-packed volleyball game.

Of course, now that Top Gun: Maverick is officially happening, according to Deadline, there's a lot of moving parts that'll need to be locked down. Specifically, some young co-stars for Cruise to spar against, as well as possibly some old friends to reunite him with in the process. But for now, we're just ready to celebrate that Top Gun is getting that sequel, and we'll all be flying high in a couple of years, should the plan go off without a hitch. And that's got us in a particular sort of mood, with one specific feeling in mind.

Top Gun 2 will bring back that lovin' feeling, only to take your breath away, on July 12, 2019. Keep 'em flying, Tom!

Mike Reyes
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