Flashpoint Atlantis Themyscira war

Depict The Wonder Woman-Aquaman War

With Gal Gadot now reportedly looking to reprise her role as Diana Prince in Flashpoint, it seems highly likely that the film is building towards its biggest conflict: the war between Themyscira and Atlantis. In the original story, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at war when Barry awakens in the new timeline, and the two heroes have become vicious versions of their former selves, even destroying most of Europe. This is the backdrop of the greater conflict, and it establishes the apocalyptic stakes that compel Barry Allen to figure out this mystery and correct the timeline.

Thomas Wayne Batman

Explore Thomas Wayne Batman

Fans have wanted to see this ever since Jeffrey Dean Morgan stepped in for the role of Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman. In the Flashpoint version of the DC timeline, Bruce Wayne died in Crime Alley, and the subsequent trauma turned his father into a gun-toting Batman and turned Martha Wayne into The Joker. A brutal vigilante with no qualms about using lethal force (more Punisher than Batman), Thomas Wayne's Batman represents a fascinating deconstruction of Gotham's hero to ever appear in DC Comics. Morgan is already perfectly cast as Thomas Wayne, so it would be a waste not to explore that character.

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