Watch Cyborg Give Us A First Look At His Booyah Catchphrase

Of all the members of the Justice League that will be part of the upcoming film, the character of Cyborg is probably the least familiar to the casual fan. Unless, of course, they happened to be introduced to the character through animation. Cyborg has been a major part of both Teen Titans animated series that have aired on Cartoon Network over the years and there the character has a particular catchphrase he's known for. It turns out Ray Fisher, who will bring Cyborg to life in Justice League, was a fan of the animated series as well, and he recently tried his hand at the classic "booyah" line. Check it out.

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If you're a fan of the original Teen Titans series from the early 2000s or the more recent Teen Titans Go, you'll likely be familiar with Cyborg's use of the word "booyah." Ray Fisher says in the video posted on Instagram that he was a fan of the original Teen Titans animated series so he was familiar with the character of Cyborg, which leads him to drop his very own "Booyah" on the audience, which is met with rousing applause.

Of course, this leads one to wonder if we'll be getting a "Booyah" from Cyborg at some point during Justice League. The way Ray Fisher says it, it certainly feels like it's been practiced. While it seems unlikely that the movie version will spout the line with the youthful exuberance of his animated counterpart, dropping the line in once, as a shoutout to fans, is actually fairly likely. We can see the character from the Justice League trailers saying "booyah" just the way Fisher does here, probably at the conclusion of some particularly awesome action sequence.

We probably won't hear it more than once though. We just don't see Ray Fisher using the line as frequently as it was used in the animated series.

Of course, there's always the possibility that in the final version of Justice League, Cyborg could look and act a bit differently than he does in the current trailers for the movie. The word is that the recent reshoots the film went through include changes to lighten the tone of Cyborg as a character. We don't think he'll be changed to have as light a tone as Teen Titans, that might be too light, even for those who feel DC's movies are a bit too dark. We'll find out when Justice League debuts November 15. Until then, check out everything we know about the superhero team up movie.

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