Could Goon 3 Happen? Here’s What Seann WIlliam Scott Says

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With Goon: Last of the Enforcers out now, the bloody and vulgar world of Doug Glatt has officially entered franchise territory. That said, the release of a second Goon naturally raises one other pressing question: What are the chances that this comedy sequel could lead to a trilogy? I recently asked Seann William Scott about this possibility during a chat about the newly released sequel. Scott explained that he's interested if Goon 2 is successful, saying:

If we could find, first of all, if people enjoy the second one. It might be tough, because it's a sequel, but if by chance people respond favorably to the movie and there is a way to continue the story... I mean, Jay [Baruchel] has told me some ideas that I think are actually quite cool. Then I would do it. I would do it just to work with all of the guys again.

We can hope for a third Goon movie all we want, but Seann William Scott's comments during our chat highlight one of the most important factors towards getting another film made: quantifiable success. When the first Goon film initially debuted, many people likely wouldn't have given it a shot at a direct sequel -- given the movie's modest $6 million worldwide box office gross. However, Goon eventually went on to become a sleeper hit on Netflix and home release, thus making a sequel considerably easier to justify. If Goon 3 is going to happen, then Goon 2 needs to do the same.

Of course, while Jay Baruchel apparently has ideas for how to continue this universe and take Doug Glatt in a new direction, Seann William Scott wouldn't tell me the specifics of those possible storylines when I pressed him about a third movie. All we know at this point is the fact that the possibility of a third movie has been thrown around; we will have to wait and see where it goes from here.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Goon: Last of the Enforcers! Read ahead at your own risk!

If a third Goon movie does enter development at some point, it will be fascinating to see where they take this story. Goon: Last of the Enforcers ends with Doug Glatt intentionally sustaining a career-ending injury, which subsequently sees him forced into retirement so he can live a happy and quiet life with Eva and their newborn baby. Last of the Enforcers approaches the conclusion of its story with a fairly definitive sense of finality, which means a possible third Goon movie would need to change up its core premise to keep things going. The first two Goon films have done great jobs of subverting tropes and clichés of the sports genre (the Rocky series in particular), and there's no shortage of other great sports properties to take inspiration from.

Goon: Last of the Enforcers is currently in theaters, and the film is also available on Digital HD and VOD.

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