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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Fate of the Furious

The talk of the movie town lately has been IT, the first theatrical adaptation of Stephen King's 1986 horror novel. Already earning rave early reviews and projected to be the biggest opening September movie of all time, director Andres Muschietti has followed up on his 2013 movie Mama with an even bigger success. Muschietti already has a few projects lined up for the coming years, but now we're wondering if he has something in the works with Hollywood superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. On a recent social media post, Johnson said the following directed towards Muschietti:

Great talking with you man and we're gonna have some fun working together down the road.

Dwayne Johnson recently went on Instagram to praise IT, saying that it's become one of his "all time favorites." Towards the end of the post, he made it clear that he's eager to work with director Andres Muschietti, but it's unclear if he meant that these two have already planned to collaborate or if Johnson is merely wishing this will eventually happen. Either way, this is a Hollywood pairing we're intrigued to see.

Currently Andres Muschietti has three projects on his slate. The first is IT Part 2, which is what he'll focus on next. Adapting the other half of the IT novel, this movie will follow the now-adult members of The Losers' Club returning to their hometown to permanently defeat the shapeshifting entity that terrorized them as children. Dwayne Johnson doesn't really physically fit any of the main protagonists, though that's not to say that Muschietti couldn't either deviate from the original source material and cast Johnson in one of those roles, or have him play one of the few other notable adults who appear in that section of the story.

Andres Muschietti is also attached to direct the upcoming Robotech adaptation, which is much more in line with Dwayne Johnson's usual line of work. From the Fast and the Furious franchise to G.I. Joe: Retaliation to his upcoming turn as Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, Johnson is one of Hollywood's top action stars, so imagining him starring in Robotech isn't a stretch by any means. However, Muschietti called Robotech a "longer shot" at this past San Diego Comic-Con because there isn't a script yet, so we'll have to wait and see what happens with that particular production.

Finally, it was reported earlier this week that there are plans for Andres Muschietti to tackle a Dracula prequel called Dracul, which has been authorized by Bram Stoker's estate and will follow a young Stoker in 1868 when he faces an "ungodly evil" that will inspire the tale he'll later write. This also sounds like blockbuster content that's up Dwayne Johnson's alley, though it's worth noting that Johnson is supposedly being looked at to star in a different monster movie, The Wolfman.

Whether or not Dwayne Johnson and Andres Muschietti end up working together, the former is keeping his schedule packed. Johnson can next be seen this December in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and his immediate movies following that sequel are Rampage and Skyscraper.

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