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The Rock Invites San Andreas Hero Boy To The Set Of His New Movie

Last week, we learned about an amazing story where a 10-year-old boy savedhis little brother's life by administering CPR he learned from watching The Rock in a movie. Now, Dwayne Johnson has a fantastic surprise in store for the little hero. In a video posted to social media Johnson says that he really wants to meet this amazing kid, so he's flying the entire family up to Vancouver, where the Rock is currently filming, so he can shake the boy's hand. The Rock says...

He learned how to do this by watching this big, brown bald tattooed guy in his favorite movie, San Andreas. Jacob, I'm so proud of you. So much so, I have got to meet you. I have got to shake the hand of a real-life hero. So, someone from my team is going to contact your family. We're gonna fly you guys up here to Vancouver to the set of Skyscraper.

If you haven't heard the story, it's a truly remarkable one. 10-year-old Jacob O'Conner went looking for his two-year-old brother Dylan and found him face down in his grandmother's swimming pool. Jacob pulled his brother out and began to administer chest compressions, which successfully resuscitated his brother. Later, Jacob would credit Dwayne Johnson's earthquake disaster movie San Andreas as the place where he learned what to do, as the film contains a scene where Johnson's character must perform this same procedure on his daughter.

The Rock had already posted a message sharing his thoughts on the inspirational story, but now the actor has apparently decided that's not enough. He's now flying both brothers and their mom up to Vancouver where Rocky is currently filming the action film Skyscraper. Other than getting to see an actual working movie set, Dwayne Johnson also tempts the kid with all the sweets he can eat, which we're sure sounds great when you're 10 years old. We're guessing the set has a lot of extra sweets since The Rock probably hasn't eaten a chocolate bar in 20 years.

Check out the complete Instagram message to Jacob O'Conner in the video below.

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We certainly can't blame The Rock for wanting to meet this kid and shake his hand. We want to meet this kid. The story is truly inspirational and it's incredibly nice to see Dwayne Johnson reaching out as a way to say thank you. Hopefully, this event will inspire others in the same way that The Rock inspired this boy.

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