What IT’s Director And Producer Think About The Kids' Adult Actor Choices, And Moving Forward With Chapter 2

IT The Losers Club

When I sat down to interview the young stars of IT last month during the film's Los Angeles press day, one subject they more were than happy to address was future franchise casting. Knowing that the movie's sequel will feature adult versions of their own characters, I asked them all about their dream picks, and they rattled them off with ease. But how does producer Barbara Muschietti feel about the choices? She loves the ambition, and admitted that she and he brother, director Andres Muschietti, have some ideas of their own. She told me,

We've talked to [the young actors] for months about it because it's their favorite subject! Going, 'Well, I want to be Chris Pratt!' 'I want to be Bill Hader.' I'm not going to lie to you - we both have our fantasy leads too! It's going to be a lot of fun.

Barbara Muschietti specifically called out two of the kid's casting picks (Jeremy Ray Taylor wants Chris Pratt for "Adult Ben" and Finn Wolfhard has requested Bill Hader for "Adult Richie") -- but getting the rest of the name-dropped would assemble one of the most stacked modern blockbusters around. If Chosen Jacobs, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, and Jaeden Lieberher had their druthers, IT: Chapter 2 would star Chadwick Boseman, Jessica Chastain, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Christian Bale as Mike, Beverly, Eddie, Stan, and Bill, respectively.

What's particularly funny about this story, however, is that the requests from the young IT stars don't necessarily seem like they are overreaching now that the film is out in theaters. In just one night of screenings it's already breaking records (biggest Thursday ever for an R-rated title), and while early estimates pinned its opening weekend at around $50-60 million, it now looks like it could be more like $95 million. When you add in the fact that it will probably continue to play big through the rest of September, riding high on positive buzz from audiences and critics, the sequel will find itself in a scenario where A-list actors are begging for parts. So while it's easy to laugh at the idea of a totally stacked version of the Losers Club as adults, the concept may not be so far-fetched.

As for the development of IT: Chapter 2 in general terms, director Andres Muschietti did not mince words in the slightest when I arrived to the subject during the interview. The sequel does not yet have a release date, nor does it have a targeted start for production, but the filmmaker made it extremely clear that it means everything to him to have the opportunity to finish what he has started with the new film:

I will say: I wouldn't feel okay not completing this story. For me it's a second half - it's not a second part. So what are we waiting for?!

Andres Muschietti's question doesn't currently have an answer, but we are waiting with baited breath for it to arrive.

As noted earlier, IT is now in theaters nationwide, and it's already scaring up big crowds. After you see it, be sure to come back here to CinemaBlend, as we have a whole lot more content coming your way in the next few days about the new Stephen King adaptation!

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