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Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back

While the new life of Star Wars began relatively drama free, the franchise has been plagued with some behind the scenes issues in recent months. In addition to director Colin Trevorrow dropping out of Episode IX, the young Han Solo movie also lost its directors in Chris Miller and Phil Lord. The duo was unceremoniously fired pretty far into filming for the anthology film, which made quite a few Star Wars fans nervous about the fate of the franchise's second standalone film. And while Ron Howard has taken over the helm for Han's solo adventure, it now looks like Lord and Miller have found their next project: a TV pilot over at ABC.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord have just sold a pilot to ABC. The potential series is called We Can Do Better, and revolves around the life of a soccer mom in the south. After becoming what the kids call "woke", she must deal with how her ideologies conflict, especially when it comes to her extremely conservative parents. The pilot will a single camera sitcom, with Lord and Miller no doubt hoping it gets picked up to series at ABC.

But even if We Can Do Better doesn't end up getting picked up, there's still going to be a payday for Phil Lord and Chris Miller. According to The Wrap, the duo has a "significant penalty". This means that they'll be paid by Disney, and paid well, regardless of whether or not the pilot ends up becoming an actual TV show. This incentive is no doubt the Mouse House's attempt to mend fences with Miller and Lord, after their somewhat humiliating departure from the Han Solo movie.

Indeed, it seems like the firing of Chris Miller and Phil Lord wasn't a pretty picture when it happened a few months ago. They were reportedly escorted off the set, despite principle photography being about 75 percent finished. There were also some reports of applause on the set, although its now unclear if they were meant for the duo's firing or Ron Howard's involvement.

It should be interesting to see exactly how good the Han Solo movie ends up being when it arrives in theaters this May. Considering how far into filming the movie was when the co-directors were fired, there should be a strange mixture of visions in the final product. Hopefully this doesn't result in a muddled blockbuster, especially considering how well received Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was this year. The DCEU may be facing similar issues with Justice League, as Joss Whedon is reportedly making some major changes to the original Zack Snyder cut of the film.

The young Han Solo movie will arrive in theaters on May 25th, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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