Why Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Is Named After A Guns N' Roses Song

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

One of the things that has made the trailers for the new Jumanji look like so much fun is the use of Guns N' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle," a song which also gave the film its subtitle. Apparently, the decision to call the movie Welcome to the Jungle was made during production while the cast and crew were filming the movie in the rainforests of Hawaii. It seems that Jack Black would sing the song on set and he eventually suggested the title to director Jake Kasdan. Kasdan loved the idea so much that the song is now a key part of the film's marketing as well as its title.

Music has always been an important aspect of the life of Jack Black. From being part of the musical duo Tenacious D to his roles in movies like High Fidelity and School of Rock, you can't separate Jack Black from rock n' roll. For this reason, it's easy to imagine Black belting out the chorus of "Welcome to the Jungle" while walking through an actual jungle, as USA Today (opens in new tab) reports did actually happen. What else would you sing? He probably sounded pretty good too. Clearly, Black was on to something, even before suggesting that they just name the movie after the popular song.

And it has to be said, the title fits. While this is the second Jumanji movie, the first one focused on the world of the game invading the real world, so this is the first time that we've seen what the game world actually looks like. The movie is quite literally welcoming us to this place we've never seen before. The song also compliments the action of the trailers quite well. From high-speed motorcycle chases to The Rock and Karen Gillan kicking ass and taking names, the song is a perfect backdrop. Check out the newest trailer and see if you agree.

The song is also a great example of how, while Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle may be a sequel to the original movie, they're doing something very different with it. Guns 'N Roses would never have fit in a trailer for the original movie. Some are likely disappointed in the major departure that Welcome to the Jungle is making, but at the same time, it can't be said that the new movie is simply trying to cash in on the nostalgia for the old.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hits theaters this December.

Dirk Libbey
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