One Wonder Woman Star Wants To Return For The Sequel, But Could It Happen?

Robin Wright as Antiope in the beach battle

Spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman.

While it was released a number of months ago, Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman has not stopped being a major aspect of conversation for both the superhero genre, and Hollywood film production in general. With the acclaimed Monster director now officially signed up to helm the highly anticipated sequel, rumors have been swirling about who and what will be included when Wonder Woman's sequel arrives in theaters. And now one original cast member has revealed that she'd love to show up in Wonder Woman 2: Robin Wright.

Robin Wright has been doing some press lately for her role in another highly anticipated sequel, Blade Runner 2049. When she was asked if she'd like to come back for Diana Prince's second solo adventure, she responded with a resounding:

I would absolutely return and do a sequel -- for sure. C'mon -- girl power!

Well, that was easy. Robin Wright's comment to E! makes it clear that she'd like to play Antiope in another film. The only question is, how exactly could this be possible?

At the end of Wonder Woman's first act, we see German soldiers invade Themyscira in pursuit of Chris Pine's Steve Tervor. What results is an epic battle that sees quite a few Amazons die in battle, including Robin Wright's General Antiope. This was a pretty big shocker for fans, and made the stakes for the rest of the film feel much more dire. But since she'd bit the dust, how exactly could Antiope return for Wonder Woman 2?

It turns out that she's already being brought back from the dead- short of. Robin Wright will reportedly appear in Justice League as her DCEU character, most likely through a flashback sequence involving the army of Parademons. So if Amazonian flashbacks are on the table, then perhaps Robin Wright might be able to get herself involved in Wonder Woman's sequel. Having both Wonder Woman and Hippolyta continue to mourn their late Aunt/Sister throughout the years would be a great way to keep the conflict between Diana and her mother interesting.

Alas, we know very little information about Patty Jenkins' second Wonder Woman film, so it's all theorizing and guess work at this point. Jenkins had previously stated that she was hoping to jump forward in time a bit, allowing Diana function in a more modern version of America. This would help bridge the gap between Wonder Woman's first solo adventure and her eventual appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And crafting another story that is set in the past will once again allow the movie to function independently from the rest of the DC Extended Universe.

Diana Prince's next appearance in the DCEU will be Justice League on November 17th. In the meantime, check out our 2017 release list to plan your final trips to the movies before the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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