Wheelman Trailer: Netflix's New Movie Starring Frank Grillo Is Full Of Guns And Driving

Frank Grillo is one of those guys who is starting to become steadily more recognized by audiences all over, thanks to his roles in The Purge and Captain America franchises. He's not only recognized for his face, but also for his action chops, and Wheelman looks like it's going to be another prime entry into the actor's canon. Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming Netflix original film, below:

The action of Wheelman begins where most heist films start: Grillo's titular character is on a job ferrying two thieves to a bank robbery, his skills being counted on for a successful job. But mid-heist, a strange voice calls our protagonist with a simple ultimatum: Leave the thieves, and follow his instructions, otherwise he and his family will suffer. Naturally, for the sake of moviegoing entertainment, Frank Grillo listens to those instructions, and goes on an adventure over the course of a night.

Now you're probably having some Baby Driver flashbacks right about now, especially with Grillo's Wheelman character slipping in an earbud before beginning his job. But you're going to want to temper those feelings, as this most assuredly looks like it'll be nothing like Edgar Wright's thrilling, but also emotional, blockbuster from this summer. No, Wheelman looks like it's going to play towards Frank Grillo's eventual canonization as an action blockbuster badass, much like Charles Bronson before him. And that's perfectly OK with us, as a little bit of retro action/thriller excitement should go down smooth after the summer we've had.

It's been a pretty good year for Netflix's streaming library, with originals like Okja and more recently Gerald's Game impressing some fans. With an aggressive clip of newly added films and TV shows produced and/or distributed exclusively under the streaming service's banner, those who want entertainment on any given night don't have to run far. So naturally, when Wheelman debutes on the streaming giant's platform later this month, it'll be just in time for folks who want some hot car action on their big screen TV to be able to enjoy. Though now that we think about it, a Baby Driver and Wheelman double feature might make for some interesting headcanon.

Wheelman heads to Netflix on October 20th, but if you're looking for what else is heading down the line for Netflix, feel free to take a look at our schedule.

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