Doctor Strange Director Just Teased Fans With New Tweet

Scott Derrickson's directing career has primarily rested in the realm of horror, but last year, he ventured into the world of superheroes and deliver Doctor Strange to the masses. The movie centered on Benedict Cumberbatch's Master of the Mystic Arts ended up being another solid hit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, earning many positive reviews and making over $677 million worldwide. There have been rumblings that a Doctor Strange sequel is on the way, and one of Derrickson's recent social media posts may be teasing fans that he's back on board for such a project.

Marvel hasn't officially announced Doctor Strange 2 yet, but given how successful the first movie was, not to mention that all of Marvel's released kick-off movies have received sequels so far aside from The Incredible Hulk, it stands to reason that eventually the good Doctor will lead his own adventure again. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even mentioned to Collider that the studio "would love to tell more about the Strange story." Whether or not Scott Derrickson would helm Doctor Strange 2 is a different question, but his use of that classic Doctor Strange comic panel in a recent tweet has us intrigued.

It's possible that Scott Derrickson simply scored a gig elsewhere (perhaps back in the horror genre), but if Marvel is keen on getting Doctor Strange 2 out as soon as possible, then presumably now would be the time the studio would want to hash out a new contract. Side note: that Doctor Strange comic panel is a good reminder why capes are often times not a good accessory for a hero, as Edna Mode pointed out in The Incredibles.

Right now, Scott Derrickson is keeping himself busy with television projects. He was tapped to direct the Snowpiercer pilot, which will air on TNT, and he'll follow that up with helming the Locke and Key pilot for Hulu. Should that latter project be ordered to series, Derrickson is expected to direct more episodes, although he'll reportedly be able to depart for Doctor Strange 2, whenever that may be and assuming his involvement eventually becomes set in stone. Derrickson is certainly game for another round of mysticism in the MCU, and he revealed earlier this year that he kept some ideas from the first Doctor Strange movie tucked away in case Marvel wants them for a follow-up. In any case, whether Derrickson is teasing Doctor Strange 2 or a different movie, his fans can look forward to another big screen offering in the coming years.

Stay tune to CinemaBlend for any updates regarding Doctor Strange 2, and in the meantime, you can look forward to the sorcerous superhero returning on November 3 for a brief appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, followed by Avengers: Infinity War on May 4, 2018.

Adam Holmes
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