The Marvel Movie Thor: Ragnarok's Director Would Like To Do Next

thor and hulk directed by taika waititi

Taika Waititi has already rounded third and is about to head home on his latest movie Thor: Ragnarok. The new Marvel flick is out in theaters in just a few days, which means that Taika Waititi will soon be looking toward his next big screen project. Although we don't know exactly what it will be, yet, he did say this week that he would be interested in working with Marvel again in the future, and he already knows the one movie he'd like to attempt: another Thor project. The director said,

I would like to come back and work with Marvel any time, because I think they're a fantastic studio, and we had a great time working together. And they were very supportive of me, and my vision. They kind of gave me a lot of free reign, but also had a lot of ideas as well. A very collaborative company. I'd love to do another Thor film, because I feel like I've established a really great thing with these guys, and friendship. And I don't really like any of the other characters.

In his typical amusing fashion, Taika Waititi revealed that he really would prefer to stick with Thor down the line for one big reason: the other Marvel characters really don't interest him at all. I dunno if this comment is or is not including Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, as that character also plays a huge role in Thor: Ragnarok. Regardless, it's good to hear that Taika Waititi potentially has an interest in coming back for Thor 4 or another Marvel movie at some point.

From what Taika Waititi told the Radio Times, another Thor movie could eventually be in the cards. However, so far Marvel's slate doesn't indicate Thor 4 will be happening--at least not anytime soon. Marvel has its movie schedule already slotted out through 2019, when the still-untitled fourth Avengers movie is set to come out, and there's not a Thor film on it. (Although Thor will obviously appear in the upcoming The Avengers: Infinity War.) In addition, we know that after Phase 3 Marvel has plans to produce a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, but that's as far as the studio has so far gotten into it's next round of movies.

You can take a look at all of the Marvel movies coming up with CinemaBlend's full guide. Or, if you are pretty much just pumped for Thor: Ragnarok, the movie is hitting theaters on November 3, and we already know quite a bit about what's coming, if that's your cup of tea. In addition, tickets are already available for pre-order.

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