Steve Trevor's Wonder Woman Story Is Based On Director Patty Jenkins' Father

Steve making his getaway in a plane

Even though it was released back in June, we still haven't stopped dissecting and discussing Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. The origin story was a capsulated film with equal parts heart and action, and was the DCEU's first critical darling. The film is also known for having a female director and lead character, with Jenkins' work being praised before she signed up for a sequel. Chris Pine's performance as Steve Trevor was praised as one of the strongest of his career, and now it turns out that Jenkins modeled the character's plot after her father. She recently spoke to this process, and how she kept it secret from the cast and crew.

Here's the funny thing: it is literally the story [of my father]. The true story that not everybody knows is that my father was an American fighter pilot who flew from Europe. I didn't want anybody to know when we were shooting... I didn't want people to come onto set and be nervous. I was like I'm not nervous, I'm ok. It's been a long time and I'm so honored to bring him back in this way.

Well, add this to the long list of why Patty Jenkins is such a fantastic director. Per her recent appearance at the Women in Entertainment Summit (via The Wrap), she used her father's real life stories to influence Steve Trevor's Wonder Woman journey. She was also careful to check her ego at the door. Only now, months after its release, are we privy to the inner workings of this directional choice.

While Gal Gadot's star power was on display through her fantastic performance in Wonder Woman, Chris Pine still managed to keep up with his version of Steve Trevor. Steve was the source of much of the film's comic relief, as he attempted to bring the Amazon into a WWI Europe without attracting attention. He and Diana's differences allowed for them each to play a fish out of water, all while still managing to connect. But he was also happy to let Diana be the stronger one, which is part of why the message of Wonder Woman has been so acclaimed.

Steve Trevor (and Chris Pine's performance) was so popular that some DC fans are holding out hope that he could return in Wonder Woman 2. But given his fate at the end of the first film, it seems unlikely. In the third act of Patty Jenkins' blockbuster, Steve sacrificed himself in order to destroy Doctor Poison's weapons and save any innocents who may be in the area. Since then, all types of fan theories have swirled around that could save him, which Jenkins has personally refuted. Furthermore, Wonder Woman 2 will have a different time setting, making it even more unlikely that the characters from the first film would pop up in the anticipated sequel.

Wonder Woman 2 is set to arrive December 13th, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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