Diane Lane Just Saw Justice League, Here's What She Thinks Of The Film

Diane Lane Ma Kent Batman v Superman

As Martha "Why did you say that name?" Kent, Diane Lane has been part of the DCEU longer than many of its other actors. She has watched the cinematic universe evolve through her appearances in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, and she will soon return for Zack Snyder's Justice League. Now it looks like Lane has finally seen the DC team-up movie, and she's apparently a huge fan. Lane opened up during a recent appearance on Today and explained :

I'm charmed, I'm thrilled. I just saw the movie and I'm very psyched, I'm very pleased. Lots of surprises and some fabulous acting from everybody. I mean, I was totally impressed.

Any and all reactions to Justice League remain under embargo by Warner Bros., so these remarks by insiders continue to represent our best look into what works in the film. Of course, because of that embargo, Diane Lane also makes sure to keep any significant plot details under tight wraps. Having mentioned this, it's still encouraging to know that Diane Lane seems genuinely "impressed" by what she has seen from the first-ever team-up of DC's most iconic superhero team in terms of the film's surprises, as well as its performances.

Getting more into the specifics of what she liked about Justice League, Diane Lane continued in her appearance on Today and emphasized her enthusiasm for the characters. Lane said:

Gal Gadot's amazing, obviously and I'm huge fans of everybody in it. We've got Cyborg now; we've got The Flash, now. We've got Aquaman, now. So, a lot more for fans.

That part of Diane Lane's Justice League review seems particularly important because, in the simplest of terms, it lays out how the DCEU will evolve moving forward. In the same way that Dawn of Justice introduced audiences to a live-action Trinity, so too has this film assembled a fully-formed League. This film will pave the way for solo movies like Aquaman and The Flash: Flashpoint, so a positive reception will go a long way towards putting DC in a position in which it can stand alongside more fully-formed competitors like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X-Men universe.

If you're looking for a closer glimpse at Justice League before the film premieres, then check out a trailer for the DC blockbuster below!

Diane Lane will return as Ma Kent when Justice League premieres in theaters on November 17. Get your tickets for the highly-anticipated DCEU blockbuster now and check out our comprehensive premiere guides (2017, as well as 2018) to keep yourself in-the-loop on anything and everything set to debut on the big screen over the next year!

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