What Ezra Miller And Jason Momoa Stole From The Justice League Set

Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller as Aquaman and The Flash

It's a very exciting time to be a DC fan. Because in about a week, Zack Snyder's Justice League will finally arrive in theaters. Following the massively successful run of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, the upcoming blockbuster will help truly create the world of the DCEU and its heroes. Justice League will unite the DC trinity from Batman v Superman with newcomers Cyborg, Aquaman, and The Flash. The latter two are played by Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller respectively, and it turns out the new heroes also had a penchant for stealing souvenirs onset. CinemaBlend's own Eric Eisenberg was there to hear the story in the flash, as the duo told it at the Justice League press conference in London. They said,

Ezra Miller: I did steal stuff from the batcave, though. I'm going to come out and tell you guys that right now. So did Jason. So did Jason.Jason Momoa: I'm a natural born thief so, yeah.Miller: Little things, little things.Momoa: Little things. Mementos. Little... Like these little bullets with a little red cap on top of them.Miller: Bat bullets!Momoa: Bat bullets. I gave it to my son.

Alfred would NOT be happy about this. It looks like two members of The League managed to swipe some Bat-gadgets from their time in the DCEU's Batcave. But then again, this seems like a move any self respecting nerd would make if they were in the same position. After all, it's the frickin' Batcave.

Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller's comments once again prove how much they geeked out while on the set of Justice League. While bonafide superheroes in their own right, they seem to be everymen in the way they were utterly thrilled about being in the DC Extended Universe. Miller has previously stated he couldn't stop touching his co-stars' weapons, like Aquaman's Trident; he was just having too much time on set.

Hopefully this type of child-like wonder and excitement will translate onto the finished product. Justice League is largely going to be a film that focuses on five distinctive loners attempting to navigate each other's personalities and function as a team. This will make way for plenty of moments levity, especially from The Flash. Ezra Miller's character is apparently the breakout of the film, hopefully making room for his eventual solo movie, Flashpoint.

Those hardcore DC fans who don't approve of Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa's bat-theft shouldn't worry, though. They ended up asking permission from production, so they didn't do anything shady.

Ezra Miller: I talked to our production design and set decorations department before I spilled this news. They know.Jason Momoa: Me too. Me too.

Well, that's a relief. At least the DCEU police isn't going to have to go track down two of its biggest stars. You can catch Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller alongside their Justice League co-stars in the video below, taken at the film's press conference in London.

You can catch both actors make their bonafide DCEU debut when Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17th. You can pre-order your tickets for the blockbuster here, and be sure to check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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