What Actually Happened With That Han Solo Cup

Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back

Ever since Alden Ehrenreich was cast as Han Solo in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans of the space opera franchise have been eagerly waiting for an official first look at the Hail, Caesar! star in character as the lovable smuggler. Yesterday, it seemed we finally got that, as a Han Solo-looking Ehrenreich was seen on a movie theater promotional cup that also featured fictional characters like Gamora, Deadpool and Newt Scamander. However, we've since learned that the image of Ehrenreich on that cup was not provided by Disney and Lucasfilm. In fact, it's not even based on an any images or artwork from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Each year, the Harkins Theater in Arizona sells a new Loyalty Cup to its patrons to encourage bringing said cup back to the theater for discounted drinks. According to Comicbook.com, the Harkins hired artist Landon Armstrong from a local marketing company to create an image of Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo for the 2018 cup. To accomplish this, Armstrong took Ehrenreich's face from Solo: A Star Wars Story's first cast photo (seen below) and composited it onto the body of Harrison Ford's Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. Assuming that Ehrenreich's Solo will be wearing a similar outfit to the ones Ford's Solo wore in the original Star Wars movies, then it's certainly likely that's what he'll look like in character. But for now, just remember that the image on that cup is not an official release.

With only six months to go until Solo: A Star Wars Story's release, Disney and Lucasfilm will need to start releasing promotional material for the movie soon to get longtime Star Wars fans and casual moviegoers hyped for its release. It doesn't help that the project has been running behind schedule after directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller exited Solo: A Star Wars Story in June due to creative differences with Lucasfilm. Ron Howard was brought in as their replacement, and shooting finally concluded last month. Since Star Wars: The Last Jedi will start playing in theaters on December 15, ideally Lucasfilm will have a Solo trailer ready to screen by then to let people know that they'll only have to wait a few more months for another Star Wars movie to come out.

Along with Alden Ehrenreich playing Han Solo, Solo: A Star Wars Story's cast includes Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, Woody Harrelson as Beckett, Emilia Clarke as Kira, Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca, Thandie Newton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Ian Kenny, Warwick Davis, Clint Howard and Paul Bettany. While no specific plot details have revealed yet, the movie will shed light on some of the major events in Han's life years before he joined the Rebellion, including how he obtained the Millennium Falcon.

Solo: A Star Wars Story blasts its way into theaters on May 25, 2018. To learn what other major releases will arrive next year, scan through our 2018 premiere guide.

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