9 Funniest Moments In Justice League

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Justice League. Come back after you see the movie!

One of the harshest criticisms typically thrown at the DC Extended Universe is that it can be too dark with not nearly enough humor or lightness. Last year, that played a fairly big part in the critical backlash of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, a somewhat depressing movie with little to no jokes. Some people liked that tone, but enough people didn't for Warner Bros. to change their plans for their big crossover team-up, Justice League. Those close to production continually promised that Justice League as always intended to be lighter and more fun, and while the reception has been mixed on the film, Justice League is certainly a fun film.

Justice League is not a perfect film by any means, but it does offer a good time to those looking for one. Everything's more colorful, with characters like The Flash, Aquaman, and even Batman trading jokes and quips to lighten things up. Joss Whedon was brought on to punch up the script, and while we will likely never know what he specifically did, one can definitely pick up traces of the writer-directors wit in certain scenes. Let's celebrate this fun Justice League movie by highlighting some of the funniest moments in no particular order. (Spoiler: A lot of them involve The Flash). Let us know in the comments what your favorite one was!


"Well, That's Rude."

The Flash (Ezra Miller) may not have much combat experience to offer the League, but what he lacks in punches, he makes up for in punchlines. The Flash is one of the greener superheroes on the team and isn't totally up on all the various protocols, like disappearing during a rooftop conversation. Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Flash pay a visit to Commissioner Gordon to get some intel. Gordon, more than knowing the deal by now, turns his back, expecting all the heroes to vanish. Only Flash hangs back, not realizing he was supposed to leave and thinking that that was pretty rude of everyone. He then zips off without saying goodbye.


Alfred's One-liners

Having put up with Bruce Wayne's destructive lifestyle and war on crime for 20 years, Alfred has had his fill of super people. He'll support Batman unconditionally, but he has no problem voicing his displeasure over his habits with a swift and wry one-liner. Alfred has a few zingers in Justice League, from wishing that they could go back to dealing with wind-up exploding penguins, to dryly commenting on how Bruce Wayne never goes on a date anymore. Alfred just wants his boy to be happy and he's not afraid to tease him in order to make that happen.


Flash Falls On Top Of Wonder Woman

The Flash seems to still be fairly new to his powers and hasn't quite mastered them when Justice League begins. He can still pull off some impressive feats though, such as when he helps Wonder Woman reach her free-falling sword utilizing his superhero speed. However, a little later in that same action sequence, Batman's Nightcrawler vehicle falls off the wall, and Flash pushes Diana out of the way. But he's a little clumsy and the end result is Flash falling right on top of Wonder Woman, face-to-face. It's an incredibly awkward situation over in an instance because Flash, more than a little embarrassed, is off of her in a heartbeat. Diana looks like she knows what happens, but opts not to tease Barry over it. That's not her style.


Cyborg And His Imaginary Toes

Admittedly, Justice League doesn't have as many team moments as it should, but it does have a really nice one towards the end. After Superman is (SURPRISE!) brought back to life, he and Cyborg work together to shut down the Mother Box and stop Steppenwolf's plan. Doing so takes a lot out of them both and as they lay on the ground exhausted, Superman says that he wishes he was dead. That gets a laugh out of Cyborg, who claims that he can feel his toes aching, despite the fact that he doesn't have any toes and it should be physically impossible. The team laughs over it while Wonder Woman good-naturedly rolls her eyes. It's a really nice bonding moment between the team.

Superman and Flash

Flash V Superman: Dawn Of Racing

In the comics, Superman and The Flash have a tradition of racing each other around the globe for charity. The DCEU introduced their own version of this in the first of their after-credits scenes, which features Barry and Clark about to engage in a friendly race. After Superman was able to keep up with Flash during their brief fight (Flash's reaction to Superman being able to track him is also hilarious), the two are curious to see which of them is faster. It's not a competition -- well, yeah, it kind of is a competition, but it's just all in good fun. It's a weird choice for an after-credits scene, but fun all the same.

Justice League

Batman Has Really Cool Stuff

Batman may not have any powers, but he makes up for by being really filthy stinking rich. The Caped Crusader has some of the coolest gadgets and vehicles this side of comic books, so it's only natural that Barry Allen is totally overwhelmed when he sees this stuff with his own eyes. He got to see the Bat-Signal, the Batcave, and sit in the Batmobile! One can hardly blame him for getting so excited over meeting some genuine superheroes. The Flash got to live every child's fantasy in the course of two hours!

Flash and Cyborg

Flash And Cyborg Literally Rob Superman's Grave

If you were to describe this scene to someone who had not seen Justice League, they would think you are lying. But it definitely happened: Flash and Cyborg bond while digging up Superman's grave in order to bring him back to life. Like Flash said, this is pretty macabre and it really shouldn't be funny, but it somehow is. Cyborg and Flash have a bit of a bonding moment over the fact that they are the "accidents" on the team, which is a really nice touch, but again, it's overshadowed by the fact that they are straight up DIGGING UP A GRAVE. It's an odd little scene, but memorable.

Pet Semetary

Pet Semetary

If only the Justice League took more of their lessons from Stephen King novels. About halfway through the movie, Batman decides that they need to bring Superman back to life in order to stop Steppenwolf. Wonder Woman is pretty much against tampering with the forces of nature, but everyone else agrees. The Flash just hopes that it doesn't turn into a Pet Semetary situation, wherein the person comes back to life but is now evil. Well, that's kind of what does happen, as Superman can't remember who he is and fights the League. Flash utters a final "Pet Semetary" before engaging Superman. Let's hope that Batman has read Christine before he gets any ideas about the Batmobile.


Aquaman's Truth Bomb

Aquaman didn't have much to do in Justice League other than just be awesome, but the King of the Sea is still a highlight and is the center of probably the funniest joke in the movie. While the team is prepping for the final battle, Arthur Curry lays down some truth about each of his teammates and why they have an uphill battle. Harsh but not hurtful. Then he starts getting real introspective about why he's always been a lone wolf and saying more than he has the entire movie. Realizing he's never this candid, Aquaman notices that he was sitting on the Lasso of Truth the entire time.

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