How Kate And Leo Got So Sweaty During That Titanic Sex Scene

sex scene in the car in Titanic

It's been 20 years since Titanic first hit theaters, which means there has been a lot of talk about the famous James Cameron flick lately. It also means that we have gotten a lot of behind-the-scenes information about the movie in recent weeks, and a lot of it has been steamier than speculation about the darn door Rose sprawls out on at the end of the movie. In fact, recently Kate Winslet spoke out about her steamy sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in the car, and she admitted she and her fellow actor looked so sweaty mostly thanks to the help of Evian. She spoke to Stephen Colbert about the scene, noting,

I don't think it was scripted. I think we came up with it on the day. It did get quite sweaty in the car, but we were spritzed down with spray Evian bottles to make us look really like we in the throes of [passion].

I don't know if you've ever seen those Evian spray bottles, but they are the bougiest of all bourgeoisie products. For like $15 bucks you can spray your face with Evian water as part of your skincare routine. In the case of Titanic the production likely had to use a lot of Evian to get that sweaty, dripping effect and it is moments like these that I can really appreciate where the budget in big tentpole movies goes. Now, Kate Winslet did admit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that it was fairly sweaty just being in close proximity in the car anyway, and I would never begrudge anyone their Evian, but it's definitely an interesting detail from the production of the film.

Winslet was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote the 20th Anniversary of Titanic, although her movie The Mountain Between Us is still in theaters. As part of the episode, Kate Winslet and Stephen Colbert also tested out the theory that both Rose and Jack would have fit on the darn door, a theory that James Cameron contests to this day but that Winslet seems to be all over. You can check out the actress and late night host's shenanigans, below.

As for Titanic, the movie is currently back in theaters, again, for a limited release around the holidays. So, grab a really big bag of popcorn that will last through the flick's more than three-hour runtime, and catch Titanic in various AMC theaters right now. Or you know, just revisit that wild alternate ending.

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