Kurt Russell Will Play Santa Claus In Netflix Christmas Movie

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Christmas movies are an essential part of the season. Along with finding a tree, gift shopping and putting out decorations, nothing quite gets you in the holiday spirit like downing a mug of hot chocolate while watching a Christmas movie. While Christmas movies vary wildly in quality, and the classics come with nostalgia-tinted glasses, any new holiday movie could become a permanent fixture of the season. Now Netflix is crafting another Christmas tale that could potentially become a classic, and none other than Kurt Russell will be playing Santa Claus.

The film, which is untitled at the moment, will see Kurt Russell's rugged and hopefully eye patch-wearing Saint Nicholas joined by Judah Lewis, who previously worked with Netflix on The Babysitter, and Darby Camp of Big Little Lies fame. They star as two siblings who try and prove Santa's existence by catching him on camera only to cause his sleigh to crash, at which point they have to help save Christmas. The film will be live-action with CG elements, presumably because reindeer are a nightmare to work with and never fly when you ask them to. In addition to the amazing casting choice for Father Christmas, there will be some solid talent behind the screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Netflix film will be produced by Chris Columbus, who brought us the original Home Alone movies and the very Christmasy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Clay Kaytis, who recently co-directed The Angry Birds Movie, will handle directing duties.

I'm sold on this movie for Kurt Russell as Santa Claus alone, and the premise sounds kind of fun. I'm hoping this casting choice indicates that we will get a fun and different interpretation of the head elf. But just who do these kids think they are? Trying to catch Santa on video to prove he exists so what, they can increase their Instagram followers? How do they cause him to crash anyways? Santa Claus is an excellent driver and death-proof as they come. I'm assuming, like fools, they are using a flash or video light improperly and temporarily blind the reindeer. That's not a wise move. This jolly old toymaker has killed people in previous lives. There is a long tradition in Christmas movies of idiots almost ruining the holiday and having to fix their mistakes. Jack Skellington did it, Tim Allen did it and now these kids will have to learn a lesson and help Santa Claus save Christmas.

The script for the film, written by Matt Lieberman, was titled 12/24, but so far Netflix has not given any indication if that title will still be used. Production is scheduled to begin in January, with the plan being to release the film for the 2018 holiday season. Check out our 2018 release schedule for everything else you can expect next year, and for all the latest inspired casting choices, keep it here on CinemaBlend.

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