This morning the 2018 Golden Globe Award nominations were announced and, as happens every year, there were some surprising films and performances that made the list, but that means that some great movies didn't make the cut. It's difficult to nominate everything that's deserving every year, but sometimes one wonders what the people making these decisions were thinking.

There were several serious awards contenders that missed out on key nominations this year. Here are the biggest snubs from the 2018 Golden Globe award nominations.

Patrick Stewart

We thought this might be the year. We thought that comic book movies might finally be represented at the big awards shows thanks to the dramatic turn in the genre that was Logan. Patrick Stewart has seen Best Supporting Actor nominations from other organizations for his role in the film, and since the Golden Globes tends to recognize more mainstream movies than some of the other groups that hand out awards, it seemed like a strong possibility that Stewart would be nominated here, as well. This would seem to make any more mainstream attention seem like a long shot, which is a shame because Logan really is that good.

The Big Sick

The Big Sick was the semi-autobiographical comedy written by Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon. It's an absolutely hilarious film that's also just an incredibly unique story, a twist on the romantic comedy that breathes new life into the concept. For reasons passing understanding, The Big Sick was completely overlooked this morning. It deserved a nomination in the Best Picture - Musical or Comedy category, and the reason it did is because of great acting performances from the likes of Nanjiani, Holly Hunter, and even Ray Romano. A Best Screenplay nomination also wouldn't have been out of line. And yet, a goose egg. How?

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