Watch Justice League's Ezra Miller Parody Batman V Superman's Martha Moment

The DC Extended Universe is a funny place. While its blockbusters typically make good money and Wonder Woman provided a critical darling, the shared universe is far from perfect. Zack Snyder's three entries have their fair amount of flaws, and fans are eager to make these missteps viral moments of pop culture, causing an endless amount of memes in the process. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a good example of this, especially when it came to the two heroes' big battle, and the already infamous "Martha" moment. Justice League star Ezra Miller has actually spoofed this bizarre mcguffin, and it was caught on video. Check it out.

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Reason #362 while Ezra Miller is utterly delightful, and a great pick for Barry Allen. Because in addition to being a fantastic Flash on the silver screen, he seems to have his ear to the ground when it comes to fan reaction and response to the DCEU's movies.

This clip comes to us via Instagram, showing a segment the cast of Justice League did while doing international press for the blockbuster. When asked which of the other League members each actor would like to portray, Ray Fisher decided to combine more than one hero. This prompted Miller to do a one man version of Batman v Superman, fighting with himself before crying out "Martha", in a moment that will make hardcore DCEU fans giggle with joy.

The Martha moment was one of the most bizarre aspects of Batman v Superman. The film spent much of its runtime laying the groundwork for the title characters' eventual conflict. The physical battle was thrilling, as Batman's planning and Kyrptonite weaponry managed to actually take down the Man of Steel. But right before Bats plunged the spear into Superman to finish him off once and for all, he called out the name Martha-- a name shared by both heroes' mothers. This paused Batman momentarily, allowing Lois Lane to explain the situation, with the heroes finally putting their differences aside.

This choice was one of BvS' most controversial choices, as it seemed like a bizarre and forced way for their feud to end. It's even been referenced as the biggest missteps of the film, with Doomsday's inclusion in the trailers serving as a close second. Ezra Miller also gets points for doing his parody whilst sitting alongside Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. The duo weren't expecting BvS' poor reviews upon its release, which was evident in the interview where the sad Affleck meme was born.

While Justice League's reception was a bit mixed, Ezra Miller's Barry Allen was the breakout character. This has added excitement for his eventual solo film, Flashpoint, which will feature appearances by Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Batman as well.

The next installment in the DCEU will be James Wan's Aquaman on December 21, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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