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MASSIVE Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoiler ahead. Lightspeed out of here until you get to a theater.

It's a big weekend for Star Wars fans. Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally arrived in theaters, continuing the main narrative from The Force Awakens two years ago. The finished product is a wild and twist filled sequel that just wouldn't be the same if you're privy to the film's contents. The Last Jedi's recent TV spots even highlight this, urging fans to get to theaters before they film's contents are spoiled. Despite these high stakes, one newscaster accidentally teased a major cameo of the movie, and it happened on live television opposite John Boyega. Boyega tried to keep it together, and the result is cringeworthy and wild. Check it out, but only if you've already seen The Last Jedi.

That is an epic fail of galactic portions. This clip features British television personality Holly Willoughby accidentally letting slip that Yoda makes an appearance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, arguably one of the biggest and most surprising moments of the sequel. It's a scene that will likely elicit gasps from opening weekend audiences, so accidentally spilling the beans in front of a large audience is essentially a PR nightmare.

The clip picks up in the exact moment where Holly Willoughby drops the Y bomb, and you can see how utterly shocked and horrified John Boyega is. Dumbfounded, Boyega looks to an off camera publicist, not sure exactly how to proceed. He eventually decides to tell Willoughby how large of an error she's made, while trying to keep his composure and still be a dynamic guest. He certainly comes off very charming, and you can't help but feel for Willoughby and her lapse in judgement.

In Holly Willoughby's defense, there were rumors of Yoda's appearance in The Last Jedi for quite some time. Voice actor Frank Oz suddenly cancelled an appearance while the new sequel was in production, leading many to believe he may make another appearance as the green guy. Oz has always been vocal about his excitement to return to the role, and revealed when he was in talks to appear in The Last Jedi in the days before it even had a name. It's been in the ether for a while, and Willoughby may not have realized what the moment meant to diehard fans.

The Star Wars franchise is notoriously tight on security, wanting to ensure that each new blockbuster's contents are kept under wraps until the films finally arrive in theaters. Very few trailers are produced, many of which can contain moment that don't appear in the film, or are purposefully misleading. The property has always been one that utilized big plot twists, and Rian Johnson's new movie is certainly no exception. There are plenty of WTF moments, including Yoda's appearance and conversation with Luke on Ach-To.

You can re-watch all the Yoda action by heading back to theaters to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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