Some Justice League Fans Really Want To See Superman In The Black Suit


There has been plenty of hoopla over the removal of Henry Cavill's mustache in Justice League, but one group of fans is upset with a different kind of removal. Rumors persisted up to the release of Justice League that Superman would be wearing his infamous black suit from the comics, but Supes stuck with the red and blue in the live-action film. We know that there was a black suit made and that it was possibly filmed for a scene, but it ultimately was left out of the movie. That's not good enough for some fans, who are organizing a petition to finally see the black suit.

Fans are signing a petition for Warner Bros. to release a deleted scene of Superman in the black suit for everyone to see. The petition, which is over at, was created by Navi Dhaliwal, who was disappointed that the black suit never made it to the finished film. Rather than wait "decades" for DC Films to reboot the DCEU and kill Superman all over again, the petition is seeking 200 signatures to convince Warner Bros. to release footage of the black costume. The petition does not clarify whether that means releasing it to the internet (Warner Bros. did something similar in the past), as a deleted scene on the home release or as part of the also-fan-petitioned "Zack Snyder cut." At the time of writing, there are a total of 101 signatures.

A few things with this. It's true that, as far as we have been told, there was a black suit in play for Justice League. It was teased by Henry Cavill during production and Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner revealed that the suit was filmed for something. However, he could not remember whether it was for an actual scene or if it was just test shooting to see how it looked. So, this petition is demanding for something that might not even exist. Even if there is some kind of footage, one would think there's a reason they decided not to put it in Justice League. Maybe it looked bad.

Second of all, Superman doesn't need to die to change his clothes; he just has to feel moody enough. It's true that the suit is what Superman wears when he is resurrected in the Death of Superman storyline, but Superman has worn the black costume for different, non-death related occasions. DC Films could come up with any sort of reason for Superman to wear the suit in the future. Still, though, it's a cool looking costume, so I can understand why people want to see it in action.

He's not wearing a black suit, but Superman can be seen in Justice League, which is still currently in theaters. There's plenty of other movies heading to theaters soon, so learn all about them with our 2018 release guide.

Matt Wood

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