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DC Films has several projects in the works right now, but few of them has toiled as long as Justice League Dark. Based on the supernatural counterpart to the Justice League, Warner Bros. has tried and failed to get a Justice League Dark movie off the ground for years. In light of the recent reshuffling of DC Films, who knows what the progress is for the movie now, but at least we have an idea of what one filmmaker was intending to do with the supernatural superhero movie. Director Joseph Kahn has released concept art of what his pitch for Justice League Dark looked like.

The most heavily associated name with Justice League Dark is Guillermo del Toro, who was originally attached to bring the movie to the big screen. However, del Toro eventually left the project and Doug Liman took over. Then Liman left and Warner Bros. accepted pitches from different filmmakers. These concept art designs are from Joseph Kahn, who collaborated with Ironklad Studios, and are not an example of del Toro's version, as The Shape of Water director pointed out on Twitter. Joseph Kahn's designs, posted to his Twitter, give us an idea of what the roster for the team would have been like and the visual tone they were going for. The pieces of concept art also envision the actors who could have been good fits for the characters. Check out the first one below, which offers a solid look at Swamp Thing.

That's a nice looking Swamp Thing right there, though, there's a bit too much going on for my tastes. Head to the next page to see the rest of the designs for the superhero ensemble.

Next up, we have John Constantine, a staple of Justice League Dark. Constantine is a warlock with some severe personality problems who more often looks out for his own best interests. Here he's portrayed by Dan Stevens (Beauty and the Beast, Legion), and he really looks the part with his trademark trench coat. It looks like he also took a punch to the face, which he almost certainly deserved.

This next design is Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) as Zatanna, a magic-using superhero who has teamed up with Batman and served on the Justice League. Her look here is a departure from her comic book outfit, which is a performing magicians costume, complete with tuxedo, fishnets, and top hat. This design is more practical and edgier, but Joseph Kahn assures that it still works with a top hat.

Deadman is the ghost of acrobat Boston Brand, who stuck in between worlds until he can solve his own murder, but he also provides aids to other lost spirits. He can only interact with the living if he possesses someone else's body. Joseph Kahn plays up the "dead" part of Deadman, who looks very ghoulish here with his wrinkled body and glowing red eyes.

The final member of the ensemble is Jason Blood, otherwise known as The Demon. Blood is centuries old, and whenever he recites his magic chant, he transforms into The Demon, also known as Etrigan. Blood and Etrigan are spiritually and physically bonded to each other, something that the two of them would love to fix. Blood is cursed to control Etrigan's wild impulses and keep him under control, making him kind of like a magic version of the Hulk. The character is designed to look like Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange, 12 Years a Slave), but we don't get any look at his demonic other half.

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