The Ocean's 8 Trailer Finally Explains The Heist

George Clooney and friends made quite a splash when they remade the Rat Pack classic Ocean's 11. Now, following two sequels, the franchise is getting another entry and now we have the first trailer for Ocean's 8 and its all-female cast. It explains exactly what the heist will actually be. Rather than going for something huge, the job is a bit more modest than trying to rob all of Las Vegas. It's all about a necklace. A very valuable necklace. Check out the trailer below.

We meet Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), the sister to George Clooney's Danny, as she's being released from prison on parole. While she claims she wants to go straight, that wouldn't make for a very interesting movie. She reunites with her old friend, played by Cate Blanchett, and begins to assemble a team to rob the neck of Anne Hathaway at the Met Gala. The team includes the likes of Rhianna who appears to be the tech. Helena Bonah Carter is a designer. Sarah Paulson plays a woman who has settled down but gets pulled back in by Sandra Bullock. Mindy Kaling is a forger and Awkwafina is a pickpocket. It looks to be a solid crew to pull an interesting job.

Of course, what's really interesting here is that the team only has seven members based on the trailer, and the name of the film is Oceans 8. The eighth person is certainly Anne Hathaway's character. What's unclear based on what we see here is how that character fits into the larger story. The trailer does make some references that this isn't just a random job. Debbie Ocean is out for revenge for some reason. Whether she's out for revenge against Anne Hathaway specifically, or whether Hathaway is an inside woman that we don't know about is not obvious but there's certainly more going on with her. The latter would seem more likely based on the film's title. Though if we're not supposed to know about that, the title would appear to be a spoiler.

Regardless of where the story is headed, the trailer likely has everything that a fan of Ocean's 11 would need. It's slick and fun and it's got style to spare. The cast looks excellent and from our first preview, the ensemble looks good together. It's everything we could want from another Ocean's movie, but with enough that's new to keep things from feeling stale. We know that we'll get at least one cameo in the new movie from Matt Damon to help connect the two stories, but as the trailer reveals, we won't be seeing George Clooney, as he is apparently dead.

We'll get to see more of Ocean's 8 when the film debuts in June.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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