All The Easter Eggs Hidden In Olaf's Frozen Adventure

Olaf's Frozen Adventure is a story about holiday traditions, so it's fitting that it contains a Disney tradition of its own (that happens to be named after holiday), lots of Disney easter eggs. The Frozen featurette that follows Olaf's quest to find a holiday tradition for Anna and Elsa is now available for all to see, and a new video reveals several of the Disney related nods that were hidden in story. Check it out below.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure is, first and foremost, a holiday special, one that was originally designed for broadcast on TV before it was released in theaters along with Pixar's Coco. As such, it makes sense that it would include easter eggs referencing Disney's Prep and Landing, who have become holiday television mainstays in recent years. The director's of Olaf also handled those specials, and made sure the elves made an appearance here as well.

Olaf Prep and Landing

A slightly less obvious place to look for a Disney reference would be a feature film that's about as far from a Frozen Adventure as possible. Moana is a tale inspired by Polynesian mythology and they don't get a great deal of snow there. Still, Moana's outrigger canoe, or a toy version of it at least, can be caught in the background of another scene during Olaf's big musical number.

Olaf Moana

It's a fair trade, since Olaf made a cameo of sorts in Moana, his carrot nose makes an appearance among the food Moana takes on her voyage.

The video from Disney certainly seems to imply that there are more easter eggs hidden in Olaf's Frozen Adventure than the ones that are highlighted here. It seems that if you want to find them all you'll have to watch the film very closely. Luckily that's now an option.

After spending a few weeks opening for Pixar's Coco, Olaf's Frozen Adventure made its debut on television. For those fans who can never get enough Frozen, the short film is now available for purchase via the Movies Anywhere service, which will make it available through multiple video streaming apps.

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