No, James Wan Isn't Teasing Aquaman's Hand Getting Cut Off

After nearly 80 years of comic book adventures, you can imagine that there are certain events in Aquaman's history that have been more impactful to DC Comics' King of the Seven Seas than others. For instance, at the beginning of writer Peter David's Aquaman run in the 1990s, Arthur Curry lost his hand, and for many years afterwards, he wore a hook replacement. Fast-forward to now, Aquaman director James Wan posted a close-up picture (as seen below) of some Atlantean artifacts in the upcoming movie, which includes a hook. However, don't go thinking that this means Jason Momoa's iteration of the hero will be losing a hand, because Wan has put the kibosh on that idea.

Shortly after posting this Aquaman picture, James Wan responded with a simple "No" to a fan wondering if this "deep" look meant that Aquaman would gain a hook hand during the course of the movie. So there you have it, folks! Aquaman will undoubtedly be put through the ringer in his standalone adventure, but one thing we don't need to worry about is him succumbing to that particular injury. That being said, if Aquaman 2 is greenlit, I wouldn't be surprised if this particular twist was on the table to raise the stakes for our water-dwelling protagonist.

In Peter David's Aquaman run, Aquaman lost his hand when a villain named Charybdis stole the superhero's ability to communicate with sea life and commanded a pool of piranhas to eat the appendage. Years later, when Aquaman was resurrected at the end of Blackest Night, he returned with both hands intact, and he's stayed that way ever since. The Justice League animated series also showed Aquaman cutting off his hand in the second half of "The Enemy Below" in order to break free and save his infant son from being killed, and he later used the same kind of cable-attached hook hand in battle.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice first put Jason Momoa's Aquaman on our radar, and last year, Justice League fully introduced us to the character, who was initially unwilling to join Batman's team of superheroes, but later aided the Caped Crusader, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg in defeating Steppenwolf's forces. Now with yet another Earth invasion vanquished, the Aquaman movie will follow Arthur Curry going to Atlantis to embrace his royal heritage. However, along with trying to establish a balance between the underwater kingdom and the surface world, he'll have to contend with his treacherous half-brother Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, and the ruthless treasure hunter David Hyde, better known as Black Manta.

Aquaman dives into theaters on December 21. Feel free to also browse through our DC movies guide to see what other projects are in development for this franchise.

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