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Will Bright 2 Affect Gotham City Sirens?

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It looks like Netflix has decided to embrace the franchise world, as a sequel to David Ayer's Bright has now officially been announced. This development will likely please many of the fans who enjoyed the gritty take on fairy tale Los Angeles, but it also raises some distinct questions about the future of David Ayer's work in the DC Extended Universe. With that in mind, let's dive and discuss how Bright 2 could affect Gotham City Sirens.

For starters, it's worth mentioning that CinemaBlend recently chatted with David Ayer about the status of Gotham City Sirens during the Bright press tour. When we asked about the future of the project, Ayer made sure to note that he was still in the process of workshopping it at Warner Bros. While it's entirely possible that Ayer wasn't wholly forthright about whether or not he intends to walk away from the film, if he is indeed still directing Gotham City Sirens, then this means that we could be looking at a delay while he works on Bright 2.

Thinking big picture, that might not be the worst thing in the world for the DCEU. As of right now, Margot Robbie has almost too many projects to choose from for her role as Harley Quinn, so pushing Gotham City Sirens and David Ayer back by a couple of years could afford her the opportunity to work on Suicide Squad 2, the Joker/Harley spinoff movie or the Harley Quinn solo movie -- all of which are reportedly in various stages of development. After all, the I, Tonya star cannot be in two places at once.

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Beyond that, pushing Gotham City Sirens could also help make room for Joss Whedon's Batgirl movie to establish Barbara Gordon in the DCEU, which would go a long way towards helping set up the Birds of Prey team to appear alongside the Sirens. David Ayer can still work on Sirens, but letting him take some time to make Bright 2 could clear a path for other projects to get produced first.

Another possible course of action for Warner Bros. and the DCEU would be to just continue the development of Gotham City Sirens without David Ayer. If the film still moves forward, Ayer could go on to work with Netflix on Bright 2 while the DCEU finds a new director to step in and take on the female-centric supervillain movie. DC has seldom shied away from swapping out directors for projects (look no further than the issues that have plagued The Flash's solo film for evidence of that fact), so bringing someone in to take the baton from David Ayer doesn't seem entirely unrealistic.

At this stage of the game, we will just have to wait and see what happens with Gotham City Sirens as Bright 2 develops. For now, you can catch the first Bright on Netflix (opens in new tab) and check out our 2018 movie premiere guide to see what films are set to debut in theaters this year!

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Conner Schwerdtfeger
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