James Franco Brought Tommy Wiseau On Stage At The Globes And Of Course It Got Weird

The film industry has created plenty of iconic figures over the years, but few quite so singularly recognizable as Tommy Wiseau. The director of The Room has cultivated a bizarre following in the years since the film first made its debut, and that long history finally culminated in James Franco's Golden Globe in for portraying him in The Disaster Artist. Wiseau actually joined Franco on the stage during the acceptance, and as many fans likely expected, things got really weird really fast. Check out a GIF of the moment below.

Tommy Wiseau James Franco The Disaster Artist

From the moment we saw Tommy walking towards the stage, we had a feeling that he would try something. It is also reasonably clear that James Franco had a feeling as well, because as that GIF clearly shows, he was not about to let Tommy anywhere near the microphone as he went into the history of the making of The Room and The Disaster Artist. If you have seen The Room, then you likely already know that Tommy has become known as a wild card and one of Hollywood's biggest eccentrics.

Seriously, go back and look at that GIF. Even Dave Franco looks slightly concerned about what Tommy would've said.

Of course, even without Tommy's potential monologue, James Franco made a point to go into detail on how insane the legacy of The Room truly is. Tommy Wiseau really did put up a billboard in Los Angeles with his own personal phone number (something that appears in The Disaster Artist) and cultivated an entire Hollywood identity out of his status as a pariah -- something that he continues to do with The Room collaborator Greg Sestero to this very day.

The connection between Tommy Wiseau and James Franco (similarly known as a bit of an eccentric at times) is something that has become well-established through the lead-up to The Disaster Artist, as well as its release. The two apparently bonded over a mutual connection to James Dean during the development of The Disaster Artist, and that also appears to have blossomed into a bit of a friendship (even if Franco would not let Wiseau actually speak on the stage). Wiseau has spoken at length about his feelings towards The Disaster Artist, and he also says that he believes that it has his "99.9 %" approval -- he only criticizes the short-range football tosses.

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