How The Room's Tommy Wiseau Feels About James Franco's The Disaster Artist

The Room is one of the most infamous films ever put on a screen. The Disaster Artist is the new movie that will tell the story of just how such an incredible piece of work actually came to be. But what does the man behind The Room think of it all? As it turns out, Tommy Wiseau who wrote, directed, produced, starred, and probably also catered, The Room, thinks the movie is almost as to true to life as it could be. According to Wiseau...

I 99.9% approve. No, football, the way he throw the football, I did not like that... I think you [James Franco] did a good job and I think I did a good job too. I have to be self-centered right now... No, you guys did [a] good job. They have the very good makeup artist, right? They did excellent job. So, I don't have to complain about anything, actually.

It seems there's actually a bit of confusion about exactly what Tommy Wiseau didn't like about The Disaster Artist. Previously, he had made comments that his only complaint had something to do with the lighting early in the film being wrong. Now, sitting down with the LA Times, he says his issue had something to do with the way somebody, possibly James Franco, it's not clear, threw a football. Beyond that, it seems that Wiseau is totally on board with the new movie.

To be fair, the throwing of footballs is a major part of The Room, so if somebody got that wrong, it has the potential to be significant. Seriously, characters are throwing a football back and forth to each other all the time in the film. There's no rhyme or reason to any of it. Indoors, outdoors, in street clothes or tuxedos, there is always a football within arms reach. It's one of the many things within The Room that makes no sense.

For his part, James Franco calls "bullshit" on this most recent claim that his throwing of footballs is bad. Check out the full exchange in the video below. Also, listen to Franco talk to Tommy Wiseau, it's unbelievable.

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This exchange is sort of amazing because the entire time James Franco talks to Tommy Wiseau he talks like Wiseau. It's not clear if Franco even realizes he's doing it. He might be falling into it the way some people pick up accents, or he might be poking a bit of fun at the man who he plays in The Disaster Artist. Either way, it's a bizarre thing to see.

We're looking forward to The Disaster Artist if only because we can't imagine quite what we're in for. The movie hits theaters this December

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