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Watch Meryl Streep Hilariously Talk About Mariah Carey Stealing Her Seat At The Globes

One of the fun things about awards shows like the recent Golden Globes is seeing all the celebrities mingling together, something that only really happens at shows like that. Sometimes, however, this can apparently lead to minor clashes. Such was the case when pop star Mariah Carey apparently accidentally stole the seat of one Meryl Streep. There wasn't an actual clash, of course, because Meryl Streep is perfect and lovely, but hearing her tell the story is absolutely priceless. Check it out.

Meryl Streep, who was nominated for her role in Steven Spielberg's The Post, explained during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that the incident took place when the cameras were coming back from a commercial break, forcing anybody who was standing up to simply grab whatever seat was at hand. For Mariah Carey, who performed the Golden Globe-nominated song "The Star" from the film of the same name, this meant taking a seat next to Steven Spielberg. When Streep returned to take her seat, she found the singer in her chair. Streep was cordial, though she joked that she held a bit of a grudge. There really is nothing like hearing Meryl Streep say the words...

Bitch stole my seat.

Seating is one of those things that's actually quite important when it comes to awards shows. We've heard about the "seat fillers" who work the annual Academy Awards telecast who have the job of simply sitting down so that the camera doesn't show any empty seats in the auditorium. In the same vein, these shows also don't want to have people wandering around while the show is going on. Anybody who isn't actually in the theater when the camera comes on is usually locked out until the next break. Everybody else needs to take their seat, or barring that, any seat whatever.

If there was any fear that Meryl Streep was anything less than friendly, we have the other side of the interaction also speaking about it, and Mariah Carey confirms that the whole thing was just adorable. According to Carey's comments on Twitter, she spent too long mingling on the way back from the bathroom, which resulted in her having to grab the seat next to Steven Spielberg. When Meryl Streep approached later, Carey apologized for taking the seat, but Streep was perfectly nice about it, saying...

You can take my seat any time!

Meryl Streep actually tells Jimmy Kimmel that she offered to sit in Mariah Carey's lap, which is one of those awards show photos that would have gone absolutely viral if it had actually happened. The fact that we don't have a picture of Meryl Streep sitting in Mariah Carey's lap is a crime against the internet.

Dirk Libbey
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