Tom Cruise Might Have Injured Himself Again On The Set Of Mission: Impossible 6

Tom Cruise in mission: impossible movie

The Mission: Impossible franchise is set to return this summer, but right now it seems that the only impossible mission is keeping star Tom Cruise in one piece. Last year, the star suffered a broken ankle while performing a stunt for the film. The production shut down for a time and director Christopher McQuarrie worked to get a head start on editing while the movie took a break. Production started back up after less than two months and everything seemed to be right on track. But now it is rumored that the movie star, who insists on doing many of his own stunts, has suffered another injury while filming Mission: Impossible 6.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, so file this one under rumor at this point, but TMZ is reporting that the actor may have injured himself while filming a scene in London for the film where he was tasked with leaping out of a window. Instead, he reportedly slipped. The outlet cites a cameraman who says the actor was seen using crutches after the incident; again, this is also unconfirmed at this point. Just days ago, Tom Cruise was seen filming stunts for the film as if he didn't have a broken ankle mere months ago. Until we know if this news is even true or the extent of the injury, it is impossible to say how another injury to the star of the film would impact production. But if this news is true and he is again hurt and on crutches, it may be time for him to finally tag in a stuntman.

The Mission: Impossible franchise is in many ways known best for its star and the absolutely insane stunts he performs for the sake of the film. Tom Cruise is a well-known adrenaline junkie who often does his own stunts, resulting in some truly awesome cinematic moments. Performing his own stunts --and dangerous ones-- is often admirable, but here's the thing, this film has already had to shift production around to accommodate his ankle injury. If he is indeed injured again it would probably behoove the movie to have someone else handle any difficult stunts left to shoot.

Tom Cruise is often seen as a tireless worker who truly gives his all, risking life and limb just to get the perfect shot. In some instances, this can make for a cooler movie, as filmmakers don't have to use tricks to hide the fact that a stunt double is being used if Cruise is doing his own stunts, like hanging off the side of a plane. But stunt doubles exist for a reason and in this day and age there may be diminishing returns to Tom Cruise continuing to perform such high-risk stunts.

Like a fighter past his prime, whose heart and mind still want to fight but whose body fails him, it may be time for Tom Cruise to throw in the towel. Plus, he is a talented actor who is capable of and is known for much more than just being an action star. But hey, maybe he's fine and when he's seventy-five he'll be jumping a motorcycle out of a skyscraper, swinging off a helicopter and flawlessly diving into a submarine.

We'll keep you updated with any further news about Tom Cruise's potential injury and Mission: Impossible 6. The next installment in the franchise is directed by Christopher McQuarrie and is scheduled to hit theaters on July 27th.

Nick Evans

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