Indiana Jones 5 May Be Delayed, Here's What We Know

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Plans for a fifth Indiana Jones movie have been in place for some time. However, while everybody at Lucasfilm seems committed to making the film, it doesn't seem to be moving forward. Currently, Indiana Jones 5 has a July 2020 release date, though it's possible that could be in jeopardy, as director Steven Spielberg is apparently looking at what his next film projects will be, and he may look at doing another film before Indy that could end up pushing things back.

For almost as long as Disney has owned Lucasfilm, the studio has said that more Indiana Jones movies were on the way. That general acknowledgment became specific when Indiana Jones 5 was given a specific release date in July of 2019. However, last year that date was pushed back to July of 2020. Now, we wonder if Steven Spielberg will be available in time to hit that date. According to Deadline, the director is currently looking at what movies he wants to do next. With The Post now out and Ready Player One getting ready to bow in March, and while he's considering making the next Indiana Jones film his next project, he might actually decide to do something else. Spielberg has been rumored for a remake of West Side Story for some time now, and it seems he might decide to film that movie next.

There's also the possibility that something else could come along and grab Steven Spielberg's interest. He's been attached to other film ideas recently, such as an adaptation of The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara, so the director could return to that idea as well, or he could find something entirely new that excites him.

While we have over two years before the set release of the next Indiana Jones movie, there's no timetable as to when Steven Spielberg would be looking to start filming his next movie and all this would seem to make it clear that's no specific timetable in place for filming the next Indiana Jones movie either. The fact that Spielberg has no specific plan in place indicates that he has no specific expectation of when he'll be filming Indy 5. If that filming schedule isn't at least tentatively set, then it likely means all the plans regarding this movie are up in the air.

None of this would be all that big of a deal, except that Harrison Ford is 75 years old. At a certain point, you can only push back another Indiana Jones movie so far. The actor clearly loves playing the role and will probably do it at age 100 if he's able, but it's hard to imagine that he will be.

Dirk Libbey
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