New Pacific Rim 2 Trailer Features A Kaiju Throwing A Jaeger Through Buildings And More

Pacific Rim Uprising Jaegars

Trailers for big-budget, effects-driven tentpoles tend to get better as we cycle through a number of them. The first one hints at story, and maybe a few characters. But as high-priced and complicated effects are polished by effects gurus around the world, a later trailer can have a greater impact... which explains why this second full trailer for Steven S. DeKnight's Pacific Rim Uprising is the first great trailer for the sequel, and the one that likely will help get you very pumped for the March release. Check this one out:

Yeah, that's the stuff. That is the trailer I have been waiting to see for Pacific Rim Uprising, the one that fills in some of the cool gaps and layers on more amazing color to this already impressive world. We know, when we buy a ticket to Pacific Rim Uprising, that we're going to get giant robots punching even bigger Kaiju in the face. But this movie, set years after the original, needs to get freaky and unique so that it stands out, so showing us John Boyega's character crashing out in a pool next to a Kaiju skull? That will do it!

Pacific Rim Kaiju skull

But in between the much-improved effects, we get a little bit more story, and even this is intriguing. From everything we have been able to tell about this story, it's set years after the conflict of the first film, where the breach between worlds was sealed off. Our world's population has slept comfortably without fear of Kaiju attack, but something happens that allows the Kaiju to return from their dimension and attack. And in this trailer, we hear the ominous words: "Someone let them in. Someone from our world."

Traitor? This probably helps explain why Jaegars are fighting other Jaegars, because now it's confirmed that bad guys get the hands on this battle tech, leading to some city-devastating bits of robot combat:

Pacific Rim Uprising Jaegars

John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Rinko Kikuchi, Cailee Spaeny and Charlie Day lead Pacific Rim Uprising into theaters on March 23. This is a surprising sequel, because the first one didn't break the bank in the U.S., though it made enough overseas to warrant a continuation. Only, original director Guillermo del Toro jumped ship, and is now in the Oscar consideration for a totally different type of monster movie, The Shape of Water.

What do you think of this new trailer? Has it gotten you more excited about the sequel? Or are you still on the fence?

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