With this week's nominations for the 90th Academy Awards locked and loaded, it's time for the Academy's voters to review the nine films they've deemed the best pictures of 2017. But this is also the time when the movie-going public tries to catch up with the nominees they're particularly interested in, or in some cases the whole entire smash.

Since the line-up is so diverse, with release dates ranging from the beginning of last year to just recently, you're going to want to know what your options are to be in the know before the big show, which is where this guide really comes in handy. So break out your calendars, send this article to your movie friends text chain, and let's look at how you can see the best and brightest of 2017 today.

Theatrical Marathon Events

For a little over a decade, there has been a slowly building trend of theatrical chains bringing back the best picture nominees in time for Oscar season, and one of the oldest and best established is the AMC Best Picture Showcase. Shown over the two Saturdays before the Oscars, the line-up will set you back $30 for 2/24's session, and $40 for 3/3. Though if you're daring enough to try, some locations will be doing a 24 hour marathon on 3/3 for $65. If you're an AMC Stubs member, you'll receive a $5 credit on your account for each day of the showcase, so that's an additional $10 value added to your ticket. Though if you're looking to only pick up some individual screenings of certain best picture nominees, AMC will be showing all nine Best Picture nominees at select locations, starting January 29th. Be sure to check AMC's official listings for further details, as well as more accurate pricing.

Also returning to the table is Regal's Best Picture Film Festival, which is more affordable, albeit with an interesting scheduling method of its own. This marathon clocks in at $35, but is only available through the Regal Theaters app. Unlike AMC's Best Picture Showcase, Regal's program gives you access to all BP noms between 2/23 & 3/4, with a tiered scheduling system that spreads out the line-up across that span of time. All films are shown at various times each day, so you'll need to check Regal's schedule, found here, for specifics.

New to the race is Cinemark's Oscar Week, which will also set you back $35, and gives you access to not only all of the best picture nominees, but also all of this year's Oscar Nominated Best Short Films. It's programmed similar to Regal's offering, with certain films at certain times each day. That schedule, as well as further details on Oscar Week, can be found here. But say you're not really looking to head out to a theater, or just want to watch one or two of these movies in the comfort of your own home? Well, if that's the case, let's see what each film's home video options entail at this moment.

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