Tommy Wiseau Claims A 3D Version Of The Room Could Be Coming

tommy wiseau in the disaster artist

The Room has been gaining a lot more attention of late, thanks to the awards run of The Disaster Artist, a movie made about the making of The Room. Although The Disaster Artist stars James Franco and Dave Franco as Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sesteros, people have been paying a lot of attention to the real Tommy Wiseau lately, and he recently said fans of The Room might be pleased to learn The Room could be coming in new formats, including 3D.

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Like all things Tommy Wiseau, it's hard to tell if the man is being serious on social media, is kind of just typing to watch himself type, or is just trying to crack a joke. Tommy Wiseau has been known for opening his mouth and saying wild things in the past, which could be one reason why James Franco didn't let him talk when The Disaster Artist won an award at this year's Golden Globes ceremony.

The 3D wave hasn't been quite as prominent as it once was, but a few years ago James Cameron showed us what movies could look like when converted from 2D to 3D on the big screen. Of course, Titanic is a disaster film and one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. While The Room has the occasional late night screening for a cult audience, it's not the sort of movie that would need 4K or 3D, despite an avid fan asking about additional formats. Although The Disaster Artist did get an IMAX release in select locations when it came out in 2017.

The actor, producer and director has had a spotlight thrust back on him recently thanks to The Disaster Artist. Tommy Wiseau has previously stated he 99.9% approves of The Disaster Artist, although he does feel that James Franco didn't really get the gist of throwing the football during the famous football-throwing scene. Wiseau has also capitalized on his recent attention by signing on for Best F(r)iends, a new movie also starring Greg Sestero. The flick will follow Tommy Wiseau as a mortician who becomes friends with a drifter, played by Sestero. Sestero also wrote the movie, which will be directed by Justin MacGregor.

Although James Franco was snubbed in the best actor category in terms of Oscar nominations this year (the nominations came out after misbehavior on the part of Franco was alleged), The Disaster Artist still got a nod in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. We'll let you know if anything pans out with that, and The Room's potential 3D release. You can check out the full list of Oscar nominations, here.

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