Netflix's The Week of Trailer: Adam Sandler's New Movie Looks Charming And Very Funny

Although news of Adam Sandler's extension of his Netflix contract broke not too long ago, we're about to see the fruits of that collective labor when _The Week Of _drops in just a couple months. To celebrate, the streaming giant released a trailer that showcases Sandler and his friend and co-star Chris Rock really getting into their character's grooves for the film. The big surprise, as you'll see in the trailer below, is that this flick actually looks pretty damned charming. Take a look:

In less capable hands, an air conditioning gag like the one in the trailer for The Week Of might be a drawn out bore. Yet, the way that Adam Sandler and Chris Rock riff in a restrained but still funny way gives us hope that this is going to be something special. In fact, it could be something akin to Sandler and Rock's Father of The Bride, as the two comedians play fathers of the bride and groom, respectively.

Of course, a good part of the trailer does include a montage of just what sort of marital insanity The Week Of will promise its audience, as seven days between the two fathers will surely be a chaotic affair. And yet, the banter between the climate control in a shared vehicle holds everything together very effectively. You can tell these two aren't going to be polite for long, and when the gloves come off, we may see the Adam Sandler and Chris Rock we're more familiar with. Though seeing as this is a rom-com, you just know the two will become the best of friends in the end.

Most surprising of all is how different The Week Of looks to a standard Happy Madison-branded movie. That may have something to do with the fact that frequent collaborator / good friend Robert Smigel is the talent in the director's chair, as well as Sandler's co-writer for the film. The brain behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, as well as a contributor to such hits as Hotel Transylvania 2, Smigel makes his directorial debut with this film. So there's a chance that his fresh eye in the Sandlerverse just might make the difference between a typical Happy Madison movie and a particularly fun one. Only time will tell, but judging by this trailer alone, it's easy to be optimistic about The Week Of.

The Week Of hits Netflix on April 27th, but if you're looking for more exciting content from Netflix between now and then, you'll definitely want to check out our guide to Netflix movies to watch in2018 and beyond.

Mike Reyes
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