Mark Ruffalo's Avengers: Infinity War Photo Makes Us Question What's Next For Hulk

Are you ready for Hobo Hulk? Is Bruce Banner going to hang up his lab coat and hop the train rails, riding in boxcars and eating beans out of tin cans for the duration of Marvel's Phase 4? So much of what is to come in the next two Avengers movies remains a mystery, so when we see fun images like the one that Mark Ruffalo shares below, we take the Speculation Baton (an actual thing) and run with it.

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There are a number of things to unpack in this image, which Mark Ruffalo claims is from his "last day on IW," which is this summer's Avengers: Infinity War. He's in his motion-capture suit, the duds that allow a mild-mannered actor to turn into the raging, green, smashworthy Hulk. But what is that stick and bag that he has over his shoulder? It's absolutely a prop, and it's made to look like the makeshift suitcase of a travelin' man. Hulk looks like he's in an alley, surrounded by trash. Is he about to make a dash back into isolation, the solitude of being alone that he often looks for in these Marvel Cinematic Universe movies?

But the wording in Mark Ruffalo's tweet sets off a number of bells and whistles. "The final exit"? Does he mean his "final exit" from the set of Avengers: Infinity War? It could be a harmless phrase to mean that. Or is Ruffalo giving Marvel fans some indication that the Hulk's fate is resolved in this summer's Avengers: Infinity War, and the character will be off the board in the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4?

Mark Ruffalo has been doing this Marvel "thing" long enough to know that any clue he doles out to fans is going to be scrutinized. At the same time, this is the guy who leaked the opening to Thor: Ragnarok, and shared selfies from the landmark Marvel cast photo ahead of the Vanity Fair cover story, so his gauge for spoilers is all over the place. I'm willing to bet that Ruffalo just revealed more than he probably should have by digging up this old set photo from Reddit, but we still have a few more months until we know for certain.

Joe and Anthony Russo direct the wildly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, which hits theaters on May 4. We know Hulk is in it. He's prominent in the above trailer. After that, it's still a guessing game, but if you want to stay up to date on the latest MCU news, keep our Upcoming Marvel Movies guide close by, as it has all of the noteworthy information.

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