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MoviePass Is Apparently Having Some Serious Customer Service Problems

MoviePass has become an incredibly popular service over the last several months since dropping the price. However, with the massive influx of users has come an equally massive influx of user complaints. MoviePass has over 1.5 million subscribers now, but not all of them are happy. MoviePass' social media outlets are being filled up by frustrated customers who have signed up for the service, but have yet to be abler to use it, and are apparently having difficulty getting a response from the company.

MoviePass is a two-part system. The first part is a free app in which the user selects the theater, film, and showtime they want to attend. This authorizes the ticket price amount on a special MoviePass debit card linked to the account which the user then runs at the box office to buy the ticket. The problem that people are having, according to Buzzfeed, is that many have yet to receive their debit card in the mail, even after signing up months ago. Many have resorted to publicly complaining to MoviePass via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter after traditional attempts to reach customer service have failed. It seems that the more visible complaints have had limited success for some, but not all.

The really frustrating thing is that this issue is not new. MoviePass was transparent when it received the first influx of new subscribers that it would take longer than promised to get debit cards in the mail. The normal five to seven day turn around was expanded to two to three weeks. However, months later it seems that MoviePass is still playing catch up, and the company hasn't been able to meet the extended window for everybody.

Since the complaints seem to be limited to receiving the debit card, it would appear that most of those that have it are happy with how the service works. The recent decision by MoviePass to remove a few AMC theaters from those available to its user base could have upset some subscribers, though that would appear to be a small fraction compared to those who are still waiting to even see what all the fuss is about when it comes to MoviePass.

While MoviePass clearly knew that the price drop would bring new users, it appears that even it weren't quite prepared for the size of the increase. Time will tell whether MoviePass is able to catch up or whether it's going to end up with a large number of dissatisfied customers. While those unhappy customers might be a small fraction of the total, MoviePass is banking on having the largest possible user base in order to have the power to work with theaters in order to get better deals on ticket prices. Several theater chains are coming out with competing services, so if MoviePass makes people angry, there will be other places for them to go.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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