What Michelle Obama Thought Of Black Panther

Black Panther

The praise for Marvel's Black Panther has been coming from all corners since the film debuted this weekend. While moviegoers and celebrities all seem to love the film, that overwhelming support is now also coming from a former First Lady. Michelle Obama has posted her opinion of Black Panther to social media, and she thinks the movie will inspire an entire generation, not simply those of a particular background.

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Michelle Obama took to Twitter to compliment both the movie Black Panther and everybody involved in bringing it to the big screen. She mostly focuses on the representation that Black Panther provides, showing a cast of almost entirely black actors in positions of authority and strength. However, she also points out that you don't have to be an African-American youth to take inspiration from Marvel's newest feature. It's the sort of story that anybody can enjoy and find courage in.

Black Panther may have inspired a lot of people over the weekend as it had one of the best openings in the history of film over the three day weekend. It surpassed the film's already high expectations in a big way, bringing in over $200 million in the first three days and is expected to bring in $235 million over the four-day weekend.

While Black Panther may be out inspiring your people all over the world, the words of praise from Michelle Obama have been inspiring the people who made Black Panther. Co-star Lupita Nyong'o saw the tweet from the former First Lady and was clearly touched by the sentiment.

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From Michelle Obama to Oprah Winfrey to countless others, both famous and not, it seems that nearly everybody is in love with Black Panther. Even in fictional stories, there are lessons to be learned and inspiration to be had and it looks like Black Panther could become a major source of that inspiration, not simply for now, but for years to come. One has to assume that Marvel is trying to figure out right now what's next for the King of Wakanda. There's a good chance he'll be a major part of the MCU going forward.

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